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How to Use the Outdoor Electric Wheelchair?

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With the growing population base of the elderly, electric wheelchairs are becoming more and more popular. However, the steps and methods used by many elderly people or people with limited mobility when using electric wheelchairs are unscientific, and it is easy to shorten the service life of electric wheelchairs and even cause users to be injured.


the correct operation method and steps of outdoor electric wheelchair

The electric wheelchair is a multi-functional wheelchair with artificial intelligence manipulation based on the manual wheelchair, superimposed with high-performance power-drive devices and other configurations. Electric wheelchairs can enhance the self-care ability of users and save a lot of nursing costs for families. The main users of electric wheelchairs are the elderly and the disabled. Especially for elderly friends, they must learn scientific and reasonable using methods and steps before operating the electric wheelchair to ensure that the function of the wheelchair can be fully utilized.

How to Choose a Suitable Outdoor Electric Wheelchair

It's depend on the needs of the user. If the user need to drive on uneven roads, they should choose a outdoor electric wheelchair with better obstacle-crossing function. If users often need electric wheelchairs to climb hills, they should choose a powerful model. If users want to go out frequently, they could choose a reclining wheelchair. If the user is a high paraplegic patient, he or she could choose a standing electric wheelchair.


It varies from person to person, and people can also choose to customize one. You can choose the most suitable electric wheelchair according to your specific needs.

The correct operation methods and steps for outdoor electric wheelchairs

First, carefully check the following aspects before getting into an electric wheelchair:


  1. Whether the electromagnetic brake is in the closed state. If the brakes are not closed, the wheelchair may slide back when the user tries to get into the wheelchair, creating a hazard. Accidental falls are the cause of paralysis in many elderly people, and we must also pay attention to avoid such dangers as much as possible. In addition, the electric wheelchair cannot be driven normally when the clutch is on. Please check carefully before use.

  2. Is the tire pressure normal? When the tire pressure of the electric wheelchair is abnormal, it will deviate when driving. If the direction of the wheelchair cannot be controlled, it is very dangerous for the disabled or the elderly in the wheelchair.

  3. The power supply should be turned off. When sitting in the electric wheelchair, make sure that the power supply is turned off, otherwise, if you accidentally touch the controller or joystick, the electric wheelchair will slide out uncontrollably, which will cause a safety accident;

  4. The footrests must be upright before getting into the wheelchair. For safety reasons, do not step on the pedals to get on and off the wheelchair. On the one hand, it is easy to cause damage to the wheelchair pedals or other accessories, and on the other hand, it is easy to cause people to slip and fall. Standard operation is the premise of all convenience and comfort in use.


Second, after sitting in the electric wheelchair, please follow the instructions below:

  1. The most important is to fasten your seat belt. Seat belts are considered redundant most of the time, but it is necessary to develop a good habit of wearing seat belts and have safety awareness. In the event of an accident, the seat belt is the last guarantee of life.

  2. Put down the pedals and place your feet flat on the pedals. Keeping your feet shoulder-width apart helps stabilize your pelvis and shares your body weight. The correct sitting posture needs to have a certain angle between the upper and lower legs, otherwise it is easy to get bedsores. If the elderly have cough, asthma, bronchitis and other diseases, when the cough is severe, please put away the pedals, step on the ground, or stand coughing is safer to prevent the elderly from suffocating due to incorrect posture. If the body is on the hips and the seat is too deep, take an additional small cushion and place it vertically behind the patient.

  3. Turn on the power and gently push the controller joystick forward to drive the electric wheelchair forward. Be careful not to accelerate suddenly, accelerate slowly and observe the surrounding road conditions before accelerating.

  4. Strictly abide by the traffic rules, do not run red lights, do not take the fast lane, and pay attention to avoid pedestrians and non-motor vehicles.

  5. When encountering an obstacle or a section with a steep slope, please take a detour, or ask passers-by to assist in passing, and do not pass without certainty, so as to avoid potential safety hazards.


The above is the correct way to use the electric wheelchair.

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