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How to Choose a Qualified Outdoor wheelchair

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There are many brands of wheelchairs on the market now, and the quality varies. How to choose the right wheelchair for your situation among the many models and brands?

The following issues need to be understood.

  1. Have basic knowledge of rehabilitation care

  2. A more comprehensive understanding of the structure, function, price, and features of various wheelchairs

  3. Determine who is using the wheelchair - the caregiver or the rider

  4. Truly understand the external physical condition, physical function, economic status, environment of use, purpose of use, psychological factors, etc. of the rider

When buying a wheelchair, you can't just compare the price. A very cheap wheelchair has certain safety hazards in the process of use, because the price of a wheelchair can also reduce the quality of the product, for example, if the front fork of the small wheel breaks during use due to quality problems, it will cause the wheelchair to flip forward or sideways, resulting in injuries and shock to the person riding the wheelchair, which may cause more serious consequences. This can have more serious consequences. Of course, it is not necessarily good to have a very high priced wheelchair, the key is to buy the right wheelchair for you and not spend extra money. Therefore, when buying a wheelchair, choose a cost-effective wheelchair and pay attention to the following points.


1. According to the wheelchair manufacturer's qualification.

Wheelchair quality assurance: 

four-year warranty for the main accessories push ring, footrest, side plate, front fork, four-year warranty for the welded parts of the frame, one-year warranty for the whole vehicle

Manufacturer qualification guarantee: 

medical device production license, international quality management system certification, medical device quality system certification, testing certification of national authoritative testing institutions, European CE product certification, Japanese JIS testing, U.S. FDA certification, China's top ten brands of wheelchairs "ranking, independent brand registered trademark, professional production of wheelchairs manufacturers, with The company's own invention patents



2. According to the user's condition - physical condition, family economic status

Physical condition

Orthopedic treatment period: high-backed full-lying, half-lying aluminum alloy care wheelchair. As the rider rides for a longer time, using a low-backed ordinary wheelchair, the pressure on the hip, waist and neck increases, which will lead to the possibility of damage to the waist and hip, which is not conducive to the patient's recovery; using a high-backed wheelchair can adjust the angle backward to reduce the pressure on the spine and hip, making the rider more comfortable and reducing the possibility of secondary injury

Patients with stroke and total paralysis: High-back full reclining seat and armrest removable wheelchair. According to the characteristics of the patient, basically he must be bedridden, using a high-backed full reclining wheelchair can often take the patient outside to absorb fresh air and sunshine, bringing sunshine to the patient's psyche; using a high-backed toilet armrest detachable wheelchair can reduce the nursing difficulty of the nursing staff when the patient cannot control the urination and defecation, which is more convenient; using an aluminum wheelchair is for the nursing staff in the nursing process The use of aluminum alloy wheelchair is to make it lighter for the nursing staff in the nursing process. With a fully reclining wheelchair, the backrest can be flattened and retracted so that the patient can change the point of stress, thus reducing the occurrence of bed sores caused by the same point of stress.

Paralysis from the waist down and inability to control urination and defecation: High-backed commode wheelchair with a dining table board. Since the patient's upper limbs can move on their own, choose a high-backed commode wheelchair with large wheels and a push ring, so that when the patient is in good health, he or she can move on their own and keep the necessary activities and exercises for the upper body; use a high-backed commode wheelchair so that when the patient is fatigued, he or she can flatten the backrest and lift the hanging feet to rest

Amputation, walking difficulties: aluminum alloy movable armrests, movable footrest wheelchair, the armrests and footrests can be disassembled or lifted and docked with the bed or seat, so that the patient can safely and conveniently move or move the rider by himself, and can achieve the purpose that the patient must exercise

With the basic walking ability, long-term walking difficulties: aluminum wheelchair. When walking fatigue, can not continue to insist on walking, need to use the wheelchair, the body to get rest at the same time, can not delay the trip

Heavy weight: reinforced wheelchair. The seat is deepened and widened, the aluminum tube is thickened and thickened, and the backrest is strengthened, which can alleviate the deformation of the backrest caused by long-term use and heavy weight, and is suitable for riders weighing less than 120kg, and is generally sold at a high price.

Family economic status

Good economic condition: aluminum wheelchair, aluminum multifunctional wheelchair, aluminum urban fashion wheelchair, electric wheelchair

General economic condition: steel tube ordinary wheelchair, steel tube commode wheelchair, aluminum alloy ordinary wheelchair

3. according to the environment in which the wheelchair is used - the area of residence, floor, whether it is wet, whether it needs to be used outdoors, special environment

  • Small living area: aluminum wheelchair with small wheels. The smaller the wheel, the more flexible the steering; the larger the wheel, the better the stability and the ability to cross the barrier, but the flexibility in a small space is poor.

  • High living floor: aluminum alloy wheelchair, lightweight wheelchair, light weight, easy to carry

  • Wet living environment: aluminum alloy wheelchair, not easy to rust, but also conducive to recycling

  • The family has a car often carry out: choose aluminum alloy multifunctional wheelchair, movable armrests, movable hanging feet, foldable backrest, convenient to put in the trunk after folding, occupying less space area

  • By airplane and train: 4-inch front small wheel, 6-inch rear wheel foldable airplane wheelchair, the width of airplane and train is limited, light weight, and easy to carry

4. according to the purpose of use - the need to move on their own, home care, walking out, work


  • Self-mobility: large wheel with push circle wheelchair, leg and foot inconvenience, good control of the upper limbs, so that the rider can achieve the purpose of sports and exercise in the process of moving the upper limbs push circle even if the lower limbs can not move on their own

  • Home care: When the person has limited legs and is not thinking clearly enough, and there is someone to take care of him or her, choose a wheelchair with a small rear wheel (16" or 12") and a rear handbrake, which is small in size and light in weight, easy to carry around and easy to enter and exit the narrow door, and with a rear handbrake for the caregiver to control.

  • Out and about: aluminum alloy lightweight wheelchair. When you feel tired of walking, you can take it for a short time, so that the rider can combine work and rest according to his physical condition, and the aluminum wheelchair is easy to carry. If you have an elderly person at home, you should always have a wheelchair to bring physical and mental health and comfort to the elderly when they go out for a walk.

  • Going to work: For longer distances, choose a manual and electric electric wheelchair with large wheels and push rims, with a range of 18km-25km. if you use a large wheel with push rims electric wheelchair, the rider can move by himself; choose a small wheel electric wheelchair, the caregiver can help push the wheelchair indoors. For those who go to work in close proximity, use it more indoors and have average economic conditions, choose an aluminum alloy manual wheelchair.

  • Send as a gift: aluminum alloy metal baking paint multifunctional manual wheelchair, urban fashion series manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair car


5. According to the characteristics of the wheelchair itself - material, function, residual value after use

  • Solid-tire wheelchair: no inner tube, no need for inflation; simple maintenance, high price; heavy weight, poor shock absorption, high requirements for road surface, suitable for flat road surface

  • Air-filled wheelchair: lighter weight, good shock absorption, less demanding on road surface, suitable for both indoor and outdoor

  • Double-support wheelchair: double-support wheelchair has a solid frame, stable center of gravity, strong bearing capacity, and safer ride

  • Steel tube wheelchair: heavier weight, suitable for users who do not move frequently and have limited economic conditions, not suitable for use in more humid environments, easy to rust, and not conducive to recycling after use and scrap

  • Aluminum wheelchair: suitable for users with high floors, humid environment, frequent moving, not easy to rust, and better economic conditions; after scrapping, it is conducive to recycling

  • Commode wheelchair: suitable for users who are paralyzed from the waist down and cannot control their bowels.

  • Low-backed commode wheelchair: suitable for riders with lower body paralysis and difficult to control urination and defecation, but with strong upper body control; extractable seat cushion, convenient for caregivers to provide timely care

  • High-backed semi-reclining and full-reclining nursing wheelchair: suitable for stroke, total paralysis, paraplegia and other riders with weak body control; semi-reclining back allows riders to ride more smoothly (riders with total paralysis or paraplegia are often unable to control their bodies and find it difficult to sit and stand for a long time)

  • High backrest reclining seat wheelchair: suitable for stroke and other general paralysis, urinary and fecal disorders can not be self-control patients. The extractable seat cushion extractor can be extracted quickly, which is convenient and quick to use; the extractable deep toilet can be used after the seat cushion extractor is extracted, which is convenient to use and care; the adjustable footrest with leg drag is convenient for the rider to lift the foot, and with the back half lying, it makes the rider more comfortable; the removable hanging foot can shorten the distance of the rider's movement; with anti-tip wheel, which plays an anti-tip role and makes the wheelchair more stable when it is tilted back. Ø Multifunctional wheelchair

  • Multifunctional wheelchair: movable armrest, movable footrest wheelchair. The armrest and footrest can be docked with the bed or seat after dismantling or lifting, so that the rider can be moved or moved safely and conveniently by himself, which is suitable for paralyzed patients and people who need to move around by themselves. Removable hanging feet can shorten the moving distance of the rider; movable short armrests, when the wheelchair is close to the dining table and table, choose a wheelchair with short armrests to facilitate the rider to dine close to the table; suitable for often carrying the wheelchair out can be put into the trunk of the car or the space between the two rows of seats in the car

  • Children's wheelchair: multifunctional children's wheelchair, the backrest can be folded over, folded compact size, easy to carry and storage

  • Portable wheelchair: fixed armrests, flip up hanging feet, back can be folded. The backrest can be folded and flipped, the hanging feet can be lifted, and it is easy to carry after folding; fixed short armrests, when the wheelchair is close to the dining table and the table, choose the wheelchair with short armrests, so that it is easy for the wheelchair to be close to the dining table for dining; it is suitable for those who often go out, have mobility problems but have strong control ability or have a person to take care of them; after folding, it is compact and can be put into the trunk of the car or the space between the two rows of seats in the car, and the whole car weighs only 10.5 kg

  • Lightweight nursing wheelchair: rear wheel size is usually less than 16 inches, without pushing circle, suitable for riders with leg and foot problems, not thinking clearly enough, with personal nursing care or when someone is nursing out, small size, light weight, easy to carry out, easy to enter and exit the narrow door, also easy to carry in the car Ø Electric wheelchair: foldable electric wheelchair, double battery, rear wheel with double motor drive, stronger climbing and overcoming obstacles, while keeping the whole vehicle evenly stressed, easy to keep the center of gravity stable; using universal controller, easy to operate, simple and safer to use; suitable for people with better economic conditions who need to use wheelchairs for long distances.


6. from the appearance of the wheelchair, choose the right wheelchair: the

  • Seat backrest tilted back 8 degrees, seat deepened, the rider's body comfortable and healthy

  • wheelchair cushion and backrest material is strong and durable, high-density flame retardant water support cloth, not easy to deformation

  • The quality of wheel rims and spokes, the flexibility of wheel rotation

  • The appearance of the wheelchair process, the appearance of the rough process of the wheelchair its internal quality is not too good, the tires to choose durable

  • Good quality, pneumatic tires have better shock absorption performance

  • Whether the double support frame structure, comfortable armrest height, to prevent shoulder pathologies caused by high armrests, such as frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, etc.

  • To have the manual and warranty

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