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How to Choose Your Best Outdoor Electric wheelchair

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I. Categories of electric wheelchairs

(1) Indoor type electric wheelchair

The speed is generally at 4.5km/h, the volume is smaller, the motor power is lower, the battery life is shorter, and it is mainly suitable for completing some daily life independently indoors.


(2) Outdoor type electric wheelchair

The speed is generally 6km/h, the volume is larger, the frame structure is stronger than the indoor type electric wheelchair, the motor power is larger than the indoor type electric wheelchair, the battery life is longer.

(3) Road-type electric wheelchair

The maximum speed shall not exceed 15km/h, the tyres are thicker and larger, high-power motors, generally equipped with lighting and turn indicators, the user's responsiveness has higher requirements.

2. the composition of electric wheelchairs

Generally when we buy a electric outdoor wheelchair, we should consider the following aspects: size, motor, brake system, battery, controller, wheels, frame.


1. Size

(1) seat width: the user sits on the wheelchair, the two sides of the hips and the wheelchair should have a gap of 2.5cm between the two inner surfaces.

The seat width of electric wheelchairs on the market is generally 16 inches (40cm), 18 inches (46cm), 20 inches (50cm)

For height and weight below 1.6m and 50kg, 16" is usually chosen;

Below 1.7m, below 100kg generally choose 18 inch;

Above 1.7m, weight not more than 120kg choose 20 inch.

(2) backrest: generally choose the upper edge of the backrest and the patient's armpit difference of about 10 cm is appropriate, but should be based on the patient's trunk functional status. The higher the backrest, the more stable the patient sits; the lower the backrest, the more convenient the activities of the torso and upper limbs. Users with weak upper limb function should choose high backrest type wheelchair.

(3) Footrest: It is better to choose the one that can be up and down, and the height of the footrest should be adjusted so that the knee is slightly higher than the horizontal plane after placing the feet on the footrest, in order to promote the blood circulation of the legs.


2. Motors

Electric wheelchair motors are generally divided into brushed motors and brushless motors.

Brushed motors: carbon brushes, lower price, gear box noise, carbon brush wear and tear, need to replace the carbon brushes in a timely manner.

Brushless motor: no carbon brush, higher price, longer service life than brush motor, less noise, brushless motor damage, generally need to replace the whole set of motor.

3. Brake system

Electric wheelchair brake system is generally divided into electromagnetic brake and electronic brake.

Electromagnetic brake: with solenoid valve, stop when you let go, high flexibility, sensitive response, power failure can also brake, high safety factor.

Electronic brake: cheap, no solenoid valve, power failure on the slope will slip, low flexibility, low safety factor.


4. Battery

Electric wheelchair batteries are generally lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.

Lead-acid batteries: lower price, larger volume, heavier quality, good battery stability, life expectancy is generally six months to a year. Charging time is generally 8-10h.

Lithium batteries: higher prices, smaller volume, lighter quality, imported battery cell stability, longer life, generally in one to two years, part of the lithium battery can be quickly dismantled, more convenient to carry, can also be on the plane. Charging time is generally 6-8h.

5. Controller

The controllers of electric outdoor wheelchairs are divided into brushed controllers and brushless controllers, which are generally used with motors.

The controller should be selected to support electromagnetic brakes, certificates or test reports issued by authoritative testing and certification organisations, simple operation, reversing sound prompts surrounding pedestrians, and responsive control panel.

6. Wheels

The wheels of electric wheelchair are divided into pneumatic wheels and solid wheels.

Pneumatic wheels: Pneumatic tyres are flexible and less bumpy when passing through rugged roads. However, they are easy to be punctured by sharp objects, resulting in air leakage and flat tyres.

Solid wheels: solid tyres with thick tread, good anti-skid effect, through the rugged road, bumps are bigger, anti-puncture, anti-blowout tyres.


7. Frame

The frame material of electric wheelchair is generally iron pipe, aluminium alloy, carbon fiber.

Iron tube: cheap, low load-bearing, easy to rust, easy to break.

Aluminium alloy: moderately priced, high load-bearing, not easy to rust, durable, using fish-scale welding method of the frame is stronger.

Carbon fibre: expensive, small size, light weight.

3. Accessories

  1. Seat back cushion upper layer: choose the surface of the honeycomb holes in the nylon mesh surface, breathable, sweat-absorbing, soft, the bottom of the car has a Velcro, can be glued to the seat back cushion layer, not easy to slip off.

    Seat back cushion lower layer: choose double Oxford cloth, durable, not easy to deform.

  2. Charger: It is best to choose the charger provided by the original factory, or the charger produced by regular manufacturers. The charger provided by the original factory generally has anti-overcharge, anti-leakage protection, the correct use of the charger, can extend the battery life.

  3. Instruction manual: Before using the electric wheelchair, you should read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer in detail and use the electric wheelchair correctly.

  4. Anti-fallback wheels: Generally, electric wheelchairs are equipped with fixed anti-fallback wheels, which cannot adjust the height of anti-fallback wheels according to the applicable road sections. Adjustable anti-fall wheels can support the wheelchair from tilting backward when stopping on an uphill slope, or push the wheelchair uphill with less effort.


4. Daily Maintenance

  1. Try not to use the electric outdoor wheelchair during thunderstorms to prevent the battery, motor and controller from getting water.

  2. In hot weather, place the electric wheelchair in a cool and ventilated place to prevent the sun from shining directly on the battery and controller for a long time, which will lead to overheating and reduce the service life.

  3. If the battery is too hot, you should wait for its temperature to drop to not hot before charging. When charging, there are no flammable and explosive materials around. Pay attention to ventilation.

  4. If you need to clean the electric wheelchair, it should be gently wiped with a soft cloth moistened with water. Try not to hang off the surface paint of the frame to prevent the frame from rusting. If it rains, dry the controller and wheelchair with a dry cloth as soon as possible to prevent rain erosion.

  5. If you don't use the electric wheelchair for a long time, you should charge it once a month to prevent the battery from over-discharging and prolong the service life of the battery, and disconnect the power supply.

  6. If you don't use the electric wheelchair for a long time, it is better to cover it with a dust bag.

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