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3 Best Outdoor Electric Wheelchair in 2022

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As a professional supplier of rehabilitation products that have been selling well at home and abroad for ten years, we have summarized three of the most popular electric wheelchairs this year for your reference by summarizing our customers' inquiries and orders.

You may have these questions if you are interested in the category of electric wheelchairs or have plans to buy them.

What kind of people are suitable for electric wheelchairs? Is the electric wheelchair safe? Can electric wheelchairs go on airplanes and high speed trains? Slopes, gravel roads, thresholds and other special sections, can they travel smoothly?

This time we will help you better understand this product by comparing its performance. Please be sure to read on, absolutely full of harvest:.

First of all, the current electric wheelchair frame is mainly aluminum alloy and carbon steel, many brands are also trying to use lighter magnesium alloy material, as well as the carbon fiber material that medical devices are very popular in the past two years. The main batteries used are lithium and lead-acid batteries.


Usually electric wheelchairs can be on high-speed trains, subways and buses, but if you need to fly, it is necessary to pay attention to the capacity of the battery when buying an electric wheelchair, otherwise it cannot be shipped.

Based on customer feedback and sales, we first recommend a cost-effective aluminum alloy electric wheelchair. This wheelchair is independently controlled and can be installed on the left or right hand side according to the usage habits. A very unique design is the low center of gravity, which prevents backward tilting and is less likely to tip over, making it safer than other models. And there are many details that are designed for the convenience of the elderly to use.

The standard configuration of this wheelchair is a lead-acid battery, which can also be replaced with a lithium battery. 


The armrests are designed to be lifted upwards and the footrests are removable, making it easy for people with limited mobility to get into the wheelchair. Considering that comfort is also very important when sitting in a wheelchair, we have specially designed a high backrest headrest that can be removed and easily adjusted and changed according to the needs of the user. The front wheel has a unique double shock absorption design, which makes it more comfortable to use than 80 percent of the products on the market. At the same time, this wheelchair has a reversing prompt and a USB port. We also have a small night light to make it easier for older people to get on the wheelchair and avoid injuries from stepping on and off the wheelchair in a dark environment.

The second model, which has been improved based on customer feedback, is also very popular. 


The same aluminum frame wheelchair structure, this time we choose two kinds of lithium batteries for customers to choose. At the same time, we use a dual motor design, and the battery is also removable and rechargeable. The controller of this electric wheelchair supports single-finger operation, which is very sensitive. This is specifically to consider that hemiplegic patients may have difficulty moving or even lifting their hands, so that they can try to travel in an electric wheelchair even if their body control has not recovered well.

In addition, the whole is electromagnetic resistant, and the controller is designed to be waterproof, making it safer to use. This year we have updated the braking brake system, as long as you lift your hand and leave the controller, the electric wheelchair will automatically brake the brakes, avoiding the risk of falling and injuring yourself.

The third function is more comprehensive. 


First of all, in the most important control aspect, in addition to the left and right switching control system, you can also choose to add the controller to the rear, operated by the person behind the wheelchair, this design is more suitable for the elderly and patients who are unconscious.

The position of both the motor and the battery have been changed, applying a double battery slot, and the two motors are placed crosswise when the wheelchair is folded, without interfering with each other, so that the folded electric wheelchair is smaller and easier to carry. The operation of this electric wheelchair is all silent, and it feels better to use. But the sensitivity of the operation is not reduced. The wheelchair can be operated indoors to rotate 360° in place. In addition, the backrest of this wheelchair can be lowered to allow the user to lie down and sit more comfortably, or take a nap in the wheelchair is also possible.

Electric wheelchairs are class II medical devices, so all types of configurations are specified accordingly. But the motor, the heart of the electric wheelchair, but no special provisions. But all electric wheelchairs have motors that do not exceed 500 watts.

The state regulations do not allow the speed of electric wheelchairs to exceed 6 km/h.

The first reason is that electric wheelchairs are mostly used by the elderly in their 70s and 80s, and the fastest speed is 6 km/h, which is 1.7 m/s. 1.7 m/s is the highest speed that the average old man's body can withstand. Another reason is that electric wheelchairs are accessible to all kinds of public places. The speed is too fast, and the braking distance or control degree of the brakes will form a certain danger to others.

If any of these electric wheelchairs introduced are of interest to you, please feel free to contact us.

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