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How many items should a first aid kit contain?

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How many items should be in a first aid kit

Accidents always happen unknowingly. To prevent a shortage of supplies needed for first aid in an emergency, a first aid kit should be available at home and in the office. In recent years, Hong Kong people have been enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking. In remote suburbs, however, accidents can happen at any time. At this time, it is very important to carry a First-aid Kit Accessories with you.

Where should the Homecare First-aid Kit Bag be placed?

Home or office, where we live for a long time should have a first aid kit, which can allow us to deal with some simple trauma in time and prevent the damage from getting worse.

Homecare First-aid Kit Bag

Homecare First-aid Kit Bag:

Home accident news is not uncommon, and it is very important to have first aid supplies neatly arranged in a Homecare First-aid Kit Bag. Home first aid kits are best made from a watertight plastic box with a lid, with easily identifiable markings on the first aid kit, such as a green or red cross. While none of us can predict where the most accidents will occur, the Homecare First-aid Kit Bag should be kept within easy reach, not locked and out of the reach of children. The first aid kit should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, not in a humid or high temperature place such as the bathroom or kitchen, so as to avoid the deterioration of the first aid supplies.

Office First Aid Kit:

Occupational accidents can occur in every workplace, regardless of industry. It can range from a common skin injury to a severe fracture or injury to death, so having the right first aid kit is important. The office first aid kit should be placed in a dry, conspicuous place, should not be locked, and all employees should be informed of the location of the office first aid kit in case they are needed. By getting your own first aid kit, your training and/or need for a dedicated first aid kit, and in most cases it's less expensive to make yourself than to buy at the store.

Whether you buy one or make your own in a hurry to save the bag, you have to maintain it.

please remember:

1) Check the expiration date and replace expired items, many items like ointments, creams, and some band-aids have an expiration date.

Replacing items while in use

2) Remember that you should also keep a first aid kit in your RV, boat or cabin.

But how many items should be in Homecare First-aid Kit Bag, many people want to buy Homecare First-aid Kit Bag but don't know how many items are in it. Please check the following details:

①Medical tape (2.5cm*5m, 1pc): Medical tape can be used to directly contact the skin or place bandages, test tubes or other medical devices.

②Tape (10cm*6cm(4"*2.4"), 4pc): The tape is mainly used for small superficial wounds and abrasions on the dermis and above. Provides a healing environment for superficial wound skin lesions by absorbing wound exudates and secretions and inhibits the growth of wound bacteria (type of drug). At the same time avoid external contamination. Key points: superficial, relatively small, less bleeding, plaster can be used.

③Butterfly fingertip tape (76*45mm,2pc)

④Adhesive tape (120*20mm, 2pc)

⑤Tape (76*19mm (3"*3/4"), 2pc)

⑥Tape (76*25mm (3"*1"),4pc)

⑦First Aid Bandage (10cm*4m+10*12cm, 1pc): When using, just press the sterile cotton pad on the wound, wrap it around the limbs or head and face of the human body for more than a week, and then stick it on the back of the elastic cloth with tape. The wrapping process can be completed quickly.

⑧First Aid Bandage(8cm*4m+8*10cm,2pc)

⑨First Aid Bandage(6cm*3m+6*8cm,1pc)

⑩ Burn dressing (60*80cm, 1pc): During the treatment of burns and other wounds, doctors often apply some newer wound dressings to patients. The dressing is painless, healing is accelerated, and some accessories are waterproof.

⑪ Conformable elastic bandage (6cm*4m, 2pc)

⑫Conformal elastic bandage(8cm*4m,3pc)

⑬ First aid blanket, silver/gold (160*210cm, 1pc): used for wrapping wounded limbs for heat preservation or heat insulation in the field.

⑭ Sterile non-woven pad (10*10cm, 2/bag, 3): It is a medical product used to cover and protect wounds.

⑮Triangular bandage (96*96*136cm, 1pc): It can be used as a sling to support the arm, shoulder, pressure dressing or fix hands and feet.

⑯ Medical scissors (15cm, 1pc): medical instruments commonly used in clinical operations, mainly used to cut rough and soft tissues such as skin or muscle.

⑰ Examination gloves (L, 4pc): safety protection.

⑱ Cleaning wipes (20*12cm, 2pc): Cleaning wipes can effectively remove pollutants from various surfaces in medical/hospital environments.

⑲Disposable medical masks (17.5*9.5cm, 2 pieces): used for disposable hygiene care in general medical environments, to block the splashes exhaled from the mouth and nose.

⑳ First Aid Manual (1 copy): Describe how to use the accessories.

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