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Household Oxygen Concentration

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Oxygen concentrator’s main advantage is that it does not require oxygen storage equipment and fixed oxygen supply. During use, especially when continuous oxygen supply is required, the cost is low, which is suitable for people who continue to inhale oxygen, especially families. Oxygen therapy is more convenient. The working method of the oxygen concentrator is similar to that of the sleep ventilator, but the design is slightly more complicated. It will actively filter the indoor air and then introduce it into your respiratory tract through a hose. The air provided by the oxygen concentrator Pure oxygen with a purity of 87% to 93% can be transported in two ways: continuous air flow (continuous flow) or a small amount of measurable amount (pulse flow). The oxygen principle of household oxygen production mechanism is: molecular sieve principle; The principle of polymer oxygen-enriched membrane; the principle of water electrolysis; the principle of oxygen production by chemical reaction. The molecular sieve oxygen generator is the only mature oxygen generator with international and national standards.

Nowadays, people’s life and work pressure has increased. With the accelerated pace of life, many middle-aged and elderly people, pregnant women, white-collar workers, and people with chronic diseases such as respiratory failure and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will have an increased demand for oxygen. In addition, workers who suffer from lung function damage due to work-related injuries and have difficulty breathing and need long-term oxygen inhalation, such as patients with pneumoconiosis, are also suitable for household oxygen concentrators. By inhaling oxygen, the body’s metabolism can be improved, the arterial blood oxygen partial pressure and oxygen saturation level can be fully increased, and various symptoms caused by hypoxia can be corrected. It has a positive role in adjuvant therapy for many chronic diseases, so that the body can maintain a A relatively good steady state can better improve the quality of life. The negative effect of excessive oxygen inhalation, pure oxygen inhalation can cause poisoning. In addition, excessive oxygen inhalation can also promote life aging.

How to choose an oxygen concentration? First look at the brand. Big brands not only have more advanced oxygen production technology, but also have a complete after-sales service system, which makes the use more secure. Secondly, look at the technology. The molecular sieve technology is adopted, which has the characteristics of high oxygen concentration, so that the elderly can enjoy continuous and stable high-quality oxygen supply. Finally, let’s look at the noise. For technical reasons, the domestic oxygen generator cannot be silent when it is working. Most of them have the sound of solenoid valve switching and molecular sieve exhausting nitrogen. Generally, oxygen generators with high-quality compressors operate very quietly and generally have relatively low noise.

Maintenance of the oxygen generator. Regularly check the humidification water tank of a small household oxygen generator to clean up the dirt in the humidification water tank. Regularly check the compressor operating system of the small household oxygen concentrator to see if there is any leakage. Check the air drying system of a small household oxygen generator. Check whether the interface between the oxygen suction pipe and the oxygen outlet of the small household oxygen generator is aging and leaking. Check the atomizer of the small household oxygen generator to ensure that there is sufficient water inside, otherwise the oxygen produced is too dry, long-term inhalation of dry air or people who are sensitive to the respiratory tract will have a bad effect.

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