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Head Immobilizer(Adult)

The head immobilizer consists of two plastic-coated solid foam supports, an adhesive base plate and two head immobilization straps.
  • DW-FA001A



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Product function

1、Multi-directional adjustment of both sides of the fixation board is possible;

2、Fixed head and jaw straps to reduce the risk of damage to a low level;

3、Reliable handle card lock function, can quickly open the card lock to ensure correct use;

4、The use of disposable airway can be quickly and easily replaced;

5, both sides of the fixed plate edge comfort, suitable for patients over 2 years old;

6, multi-purpose base plate with replaceable pads, easy to clean;

7、Made of durable HDPE plastic, the inner wall of both sides of the fixation plate is non-absorbent material;

8, both sides of the fixed plate weight only 150 grams;

9, can be X-ray fluoroscopy, CT scan, MRI examination, clear imaging.

Product features

1、Specially designed head fixation belt increases the comfort of patients. The adhesive plate is suitable for all wooden, aluminum and plastic fixation plates and spade stretchers. The head support can be used directly on the material fixing plate or spade stretcher.

2、 It is made of high-density plastic material with large ear holes for monitoring the patient's ear canal;

3、 It can be used with spade stretcher or spine plate.

4、 Little interference with X-ray, MRI or CT scan procedures;

5、 The waterproof plastic coating makes it easy to clean and prevents bacteria from growing on it.

Product parameters

NameHead Immobilizer(Adult)
Packing Size56*45*58cm


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