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Is it safe for the elderly to drive smart electric wheelchairs?

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Smart electric wheelchairs are one of the special transportation tools for the elderly with disabilities with reduced mobility. For such people, mobility is the actual need, and safety is the first factor. Many people have this concern: Is it safe for the elderly to drive electric wheelchairs? DRAGON will talk to you today about why smart electric wheelchairs are safe and reliable transportation tools for the elderly.

As a 10-year practitioner in the wheelchair industry, DRAGON is here to popularize a qualified smart electric wheelchair for everyone today. Why is it a safe and reliable transportation tool for the elderly? What are the advantages of electric wheelchairs over other mobility tools for the elderly? This article is only analyzed from the perspective of the user's own control.


1. Intelligent electric wheelchair is equipped with automatic brake electromagnetic brake

A qualified smart electric wheelchair first has electromagnetic brakes, releases automatic brakes, and does not slip uphill and downhill.

Smart electric wheelchairs eliminate the hassle of traditional electric wheelchairs and electric tricycles when braking, and the safety factor is higher; however, polish your eyes when purchasing. At present, many electric wheelchairs on the market do not have electromagnetic brakes, and their braking effect and driving experience are relatively poor;


2. Intelligent electric wheelchairs are equipped with anti-tipping wheels

When driving on a flat and smooth road, any wheelchair can walk very smoothly, but for any wheelchair user, as long as they go out, they will inevitably encounter slopes, potholes and other road scenes. In order to cope with this situation, anti-tipping wheels should be used to ensure safety.

The anti-tipping wheels of electric wheelchairs are installed on the rear wheels. This design can effectively avoid the danger of falling back due to unstable center of gravity during uphill.


3. Non-slip tires

Safe wheelchairs can easily brake on slippery surfaces such as rainy days, or when going up and down steep slopes, which is related to the non-slip performance of the tire. The stronger the grip of the tire, the smoother the brake, and it is not easy to fail to brake and slide on the ground. Generally, outdoor wheelchairs have wider rear wheels and more tread patterns.


4. The speed is not more than 6 kilometers per hour

National standards stipulate that the speed of ordinary intelligent electric wheelchairs should not exceed 6 kilometers per hour. The reason why the speed is set at 6 kilometers per hour is due to the different road conditions and the number of users varies greatly, so that every elderly person with disabilities with reduced mobility can travel safely.



5. Differential speed design during turning

Smart electric wheelchairs are generally rear-wheel drive, and electric wheelchairs usually use dual motors, whether dual motors or single motors are controlled by controllers to control forward and backward, steering all operations. Just move the controller joystick gently, effortless and easy to learn to operate.


When turning, the left and right motors rotate at different speeds, and the speed is adjusted according to the turning direction, avoiding the wheelchair rollover, so in theory, the electric wheelchair will never roll over.



Many people have learned about the price of smart electric wheelchairs, especially the prices of high-end smart electric wheelchairs, and shook their heads straight after shaking their heads. Some people even said that this price could add a little money to buy a car, but don't forget, no matter how good or cheap it is for the elderly, he can't drive a car, are you right?


If you understand the above aspects, you know why smart electric wheelchairs are safe and reliable travel tools for the elderly and disabled with reduced mobility.

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