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Electric wheelchair supplier Science I How to choose an electric wheelchair?

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How to choose an electric wheelchair? The first thing we need to consider is that electric wheelchairs are for users, and each user's situation is different. From the perspective of the user, based on basic data such as height and weight, daily needs, use environment and special surrounding factors, etc., a comprehensive and detailed assessment should be carried out from the perspective of the user, so that effective selection can be carried out, gradually subtracted until a suitable electric wheelchair is selected.

How to choose an electric wheelchair? In fact, the conditions for selecting electric wheelchairs and ordinary wheelchairs are basically similar. When selecting the seat back height and seat width, the user can sit on the electric wheelchair, the knees are not curved, and the calf can be naturally lowered at a 90° right angle. The appropriate width of the seat is, at the widest position of the hips, add 1-2cm to the left and right.

If the user sits, the knees are slightly high, and the legs will be curled, and it is very uncomfortable to sit for a long time. If the seat surface is narrow, the sitting will be crowded and wide, and long-term sedentary will cause secondary injuries such as spinal deformation.

Then consider the weight of the user. If the weight is low, the use environment is flat, and the brushless motor is cost-effective; if the weight is heavy, the road condition is not very good and needs to drive long distances, it is recommended to choose a worm gear motor (brushed motor).

The easiest way to detect the power of a motor is a climbing test, whether the climbing test motor is easy or slightly strenuous. Try not to choose the motor of the horse-drawn cart. There will be many faults in the later stages. If the user has more mountain roads, it is recommended to use a worm motor.

The battery life of an electric wheelchair is also a concern for many users. To understand the properties of the battery and the AH capacity, if the product description is about 25 kilometers, it is recommended that the budget life be 20 kilometers, because the test environment and the actual use environment will differ. For example, the battery life in the north will be reduced in winter, and try not to drive an electric wheelchair out during colder times, which will cause great and irreversible damage to the battery.

Generally speaking, the battery in AH capacity and range is approximately:

  • 6AH battery life 8-10 km

  • 12AH battery life 15-20 km

  • 20AH battery life 30-35 km

  • 40AH battery life 60-70 km

Battery life is related to battery quality, weight of electric wheelchairs, passenger weight, and road conditions.

How to choose an electric wheelchair? It is also important to note the overall width of the electric wheelchair. Some families have narrow doors and need to measure the width and choose an electric wheelchair that can be freely accessed. Most electric wheelchairs have a width of 55-63cm, and some have made it more than 63cm.

When buying products, you need to carefully understand the instructions, check whether the product label brand is consistent with the manufacturer. If the product label brand is not consistent with the manufacturer, it is an OEM product.

Finally, let's talk about the warranty time. Most of them are one-year warranty for the whole vehicle, and there are also separate warranties. The controller is regular for one year, the motor is for one year, and the battery is 6-12 months.

There are also merchants who have long warranties, and ultimately follow the warranty instructions in the manual. It's worth noting that some brands have warranties based on the factory date, and some are based on the sell-by date.

When buying, try to choose a production date that is closer to the date of purchase, because most electric wheelchairs have batteries that are installed directly on the electric wheelchair and are sealed and stored and cannot be maintained separately. If left for a long time, the battery life will be affected.

Instructions for charging and using batteries

Friends who have been using electric wheelchairs for a long time may find that the battery life is slowly short, and an inspection finds that the battery drum is packed. Either you run full and run out of power, or you can't charge it how you charge it. Don't be in a hurry, tell you how to properly maintain your battery today.

1. Never charge an electric wheelchair immediately after using it for a long time

In the driving state of the electric wheelchair, the battery itself will heat up, plus the weather is hot, the temperature of the battery is even as high as 70 ℃. In the case of the battery not cooled to the ambient temperature, the electric wheelchair will be charged immediately as soon as it stops, which will exacerbate the battery's lack of water, reduce the service life of the battery, and increase the risk of battery charging.

It is recommended to park the electric vehicle for more than half an hour and charge it after the battery is fully cooled. If the battery or motor is abnormally heated during the driving of the electric wheelchair, please go to the professional electric wheelchair maintenance department for inspection and repair in time.

2. Don't charge an electric wheelchair under the sun

The battery also heats up during charging, and if charged under direct sunlight, it can also cause the battery to lose water and cause a drum bag to the battery. Try to charge the battery in a cool place or choose to charge an electric wheelchair in the evening.

3. Don't mess with chargers to charge electric wheelchairs

Charging an electric wheelchair with a mismatched charger may result in damage to the charger or damage to the battery. For example, using a charger with a large output current to charge a small battery can easily cause the battery to charge the drum pack.

It is recommended to go to a professional electric wheelchair after-sales repair shop to replace the matching high-quality brand charger to ensure the charging quality and prolong the service life of the battery.

4. Not charging for a long time or even charging all night

Many electric wheelchair users often charge all night for convenience. The charging time often exceeds 12 hours, and sometimes forgets to cut off the power to charge for more than 20 hours, which will inevitably cause great damage to the battery. Charging multiple times for a long time can easily cause the battery to charge the drum due to overcharging. Generally, electric wheelchairs can be charged for 8 hours with a matching charger.

5. Infrequent use of fast charging stations to charge batteries

Try to keep the electric wheelchair battery fully charged before traveling, and depending on the actual range of the electric wheelchair, you can choose to take public transportation for long-distance travel.

After reading this article, do you have a general understanding of how to choose an electric wheelchair?

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