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Who knows more about basket stretcher?

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1. What is a basket stretcher

Basket stretcher, also called "Stoke Basket" (Stoke Basket), is standard in two types on the market: aluminum alloy type and synthetic resin type; its shape is similar to its name, like a "small boat." When handling trapped persons, the trapped persons are placed in stretchers, which "protrude" around the edges, and flat belts on the front to "close" the trapped persons inside the stretcher. In this way, the trapped person will not be removed from the stretcher due to displacement (e.g., flipping, shaking) of the stretcher.

2. The role of the basket stretcher

The basket stretcher can adequately fix the head, waist, legs and feet of the injured and sick patients through seat belts at sea or in the field, and the corresponding adjustment device can be adjusted precisely to achieve the purpose of fixing the injured and sick patients so that that ambulance personnel can carry them under different environmental conditions.

The seat belt can be disassembled according to the injured part of the injured patient, and a suitable position is found to be fixed; so that ambulance personnel can carry it under different environmental conditions; and the hook suspension can be connected with the hook on the aircraft to realize field rescue.

The simple and reliable device allows the operator to take first aid measures safely and quickly. It can be used more flexibly and stably in unique settings according to various emergency environments. Choose a basket stretcher according to the injury site and injury of the injured person.

It allows the injured to avoid a second injury.

Integrate basket stretcher--DW-BS002

3. Basket stretcher product details

  1. The basket stretcher is constructed with an eye on the particularities of first aid, such as a rugged mountain, air, or sea rescue.

  2. The frame is sturdy and durable, and the simple and reliable device allows the operator to take first aid measures safely and quickly.

  3. The 3 hooks can be linked to the hooks on the plane for rescue in the field, and the stretcher is equipped with seat belts and cushions.

  4.  Made of stainless steel tube and net, it will not cause additional harm to patients, is more potent than a regular stretcher, can be used with a plate stretcher.

  5. It Can be divided into two parts, access to transport and store.

4. Precautions for using basket stretcher

1. Before carrying the injured person, the vital signs of the injured person and the place of injury should be examined, focusing on whether the injured person has suffered trauma to the head, spine, and chest, especially the cervical spine.

2. The wounded must be treated appropriately

First, the respiratory tract of the injured person should be kept open. Then the damaged part of the injured person should be stopped, bandaged, and fixed according to technical operating specifications. You can only move it after handling it properly.

3. Do not carry personnel, stretchers, etc. when they are not adequately prepared

When handling overweight and unconscious wounded, consider everything. It prevents accidents such as falls and falls during handling.

4. Observe the changes in the condition of the injured person at any time during handling

Focus on breathing, consciousness, etc., and keep warm, but don't cover your head and face too tightly to avoid affecting breathing. In the event of an emergency on the way, such as suffocation, respiratory arrest, convulsions, etc., stop carrying and immediately perform first aid treatment.

5. On particular sites, handling should be carried out according to unique methods

At the scene of a fire, carrying the wounded with a basket stretcher in heavy smoke should bend over or prostrate forward; at the location of toxic gas leakage, the porter should first cover his mouth and nose with a wet towel or use a gas mask to avoid being fumigated by the poison gas.

6. Carrying injured persons with spinal injuries and spinal cord injuries

Especially for cervical spine injuries, sandbags, pillows, clothes, etc., must be placed on both sides of the head and neck to fix, limit the movement of the cervical spine in all directions, and then select the forehead together with the stretcher with a triangle scarf, etc. Then the whole body is enclosed with the stretcher with a triangle towel, etc.

Stainless Steel basket stretcher--DW-BS001

5. Adopt a posture using a basket stretcher

1. Supine position

This position can be used for all seriously injured persons. It can avoid excessive bending of the neck and spine and prevent vertebral dislocation. For open injuries with abdominal wall defects, when the wounded person shouts to hold his breath, the intestinal tract will prolapse, allowing the injured to take passive flexion of the lower limb position, preventing abdominal organs from prolapsing.

2. Side reclining position

After excluding neck injuries, lateral reclining positions may be used for patients with impaired consciousness. To prevent the injured from vomiting, food is inhaled into the trachea. When the injured person is lying on the basket stretcher, a pillow can be placed on his neck to maintain a neutral position.

3. Half lying position

For those with only chest injuries, pain, blood pneumothorax, and severe breathing difficulties are often caused by pain. This position can be used in cases of combined thoracic spine, lumbar spine injury, and shock to facilitate the breathing of the injured person.

4. Lie down

Injured patients with extensive chest wall injuries, abnormal breathing, and severe hypoxia may use the prone position. To oppress and limit irregular breathing.

5. Seated

Suitable for patients with pleural effusion and heart failure.

6. Upper and lower basket stretcher

① The three porters kneeled side by side on one leg on one side of the injured person's body, and at the same time extended their arms into the shoulders, abdomen, buttocks, and lower limbs of the injured person, and then stood up at the same time, always keeping the body of the wounded in a horizontal position without twisting the body.

Three people step simultaneously and place the wounded on the basket stretcher at the same time. A person with or suspected cervical spine injury should have another person specifically responsible for traction and fixation of the head and neck. The injured person shall not bend forward, swing, or rotate left and right.

The four must move in unison while printing the wounded and placing them on the basket stretcher simultaneously. In the handling process of standing up, walking, and putting down, one medical staff must command the order and act uniformly.

② The porter may also have one leg brittle on both sides of the injured, one person responsible for the waist and buttocks of the injured person on one side, and two people on the other side for the shoulder, back, and lower limbs, respectively.

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