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What is examination bed used for?

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Examination bed is a kind of medical bed, also called diagnosis bed. The examination bed mainly assists doctors in examining patients to achieve the following expected purposes: 1. Prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and relief of diseases; 2. Diagnosis and treatment of injury or disability , guardianship, mitigation, compensation.

China electric examination bed

Exam beds are mainly used in clinics and hospitals, and are basically used in different departments. Commonly used in gynecological examination beds, it is also often used in pediatric examinations, CT examinations, obstetrics and gynecology examinations, electrocardiogram examination beds, color ultrasound examinations, endoscopy examinations, dental examinations, ophthalmological examinations, gastroenteroscopy examinations, magnetic resonance examinations, ultrasound examinations Examinations, urological examinations, portable imaging examinations, anorectal examinations, neurological examinations, TCM internal medicine examinations and many other departments.

For example, the movable multifunctional gynecological examination bed can be used for patients with illness, postoperative patients, critically ill patients, and fracture patients. For deformed and fractured patients who cannot get out of bed, the movable multifunctional gynecological examination bed can reduce the number of getting out of bed and prevent the risk of falling on the gynecological examination bed again.

Gynecology is a department that occupies a large proportion in the hospital, so it is equipped with more inspection equipment. Among them, the gynecological examination bed is one of them. Our examination bed is mainly made of stainless steel, which is reasonably set according to the human body structure. The gynecological examination bed is also known as the gynecological operating table. It is an auxiliary medical equipment to provide various hospitals, clinics, family planning stations, mobile gynecological examination vehicles for various gynecological examinations, diagnostic operations and family planning examinations. This series of products can arbitrarily adjust various body positions of patients when they visit a doctor according to the actual situation. The curve design of the product focuses on humanization and comfort, and the seamless design of the bed surface is more conducive to the cleaning of equipment and the cleaning and protection of medical staff. The power system of this series of products is driven by three power systems: full hydraulic, motor and mechanical operation.

 For example, CT examination bed, which belongs to high-end imaging examination, can clearly reflect the internal anatomical structure of human tissue, and can also clearly reflect the nature of the lesion, which provides great help for clinical treatment. CT can examine many organs and tissues of the human body, such as the skull, facial features, lungs, mediastinum, heart, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and kidney, stomach, biliary system, bowel, bladder, uterine appendages, prostate, vertebral body, limb bones, blood vessels, etc. Among them, the diagnosis of lesions by chest CT and the screening of small pulmonary nodules by artificial intelligence are the most widely used in all imaging examinations, and the advantages are also obvious.

Through magnetic resonance, we can also perform good localization and characterization of tumor tissue, as well as follow-up after treatment. For example, the more common brain tumors are in the brain or outside the brain. What functional areas are affected by its scope and region, and how to do it, magnetic resonance can also give good guidance. For example, breast cancer, we all know mammography, but most of us Chinese have dense breasts, the contrast on mammography is not very good, and sometimes the lesions are missed. Magnetic resonance imaging has a good contrast. After dynamic enhancement, it can reflect the blood supply characteristics of the lesions, and can also distinguish benign from malignant. For example, for parenchymal organs such as liver and pancreas, MRI also plays an important role. Especially in the detection of early liver cancer, in the process of the development and change of benign regenerative nodules, such as malignant liver tumors,

We can detect very small lesions very early through magnetic resonance imaging, so as to make early diagnosis and early treatment, so that the patient's prognosis is very good. For example, benign prostatic hyperplasia and even prostate cancer, which are more common in older men, can be well positioned and diagnosed on MRI. Women's uterus, uterine body cancer, cervical cancer, its staging, the accurate preoperative staging is also based on our magnetic resonance above - some characteristic signs. In addition, the application of MRI in bone and joints is also very extensive. For example, whether the bones, cortical bone, and marrow are affected, and whether the components of ligaments and soft tissues have lesions, can be well identified on MRI.

electric examination bed

Doctors ask patients a lot of questions when making orders. For example, has the pacemaker been spared, because Dr. Chang will ask patients a lot of questions when prescribing orders. For example, have you spared the pacemaker, because often Regular pacemakers cannot enter the magnetic field. With the advancement of technology, there are also magnetic resonance compatible pacing.

However, the MRI examination should be carried out under the guidance and accompaniment of a cardiologist. The doctor will also ask if

Let go of the brackets. Currently, all brackets can enter the magnetic field, but it is limited in time. Usually within 3 weeks. To be safe, the doctor will advise the patient to re-enter after 3 months, if necessary. Check the magnetic field. Have you ever replaced artificial joints? This is also a question often asked by doctors. because of the metal joints

It cannot enter the magnetic field. But currently, most artificial joints are alloy components that can be safely entered magnetic field. Of course, there are other implants, such as electronic ear sockets, prosthetic eyes, etc., when the doctor asks

When waiting, you must answer truthfully, - everything is considered from the perspective of patient safety.

In addition, we should also pay attention to some external metals, such as keys, coins, watches, banks

Cards, mobile phones, etc., cannot enter the magnetic field. - Typically, they degauss the device or cause it to malfunction. In severe cases, these metal-containing substances will hurt the human body after entering the magnetic field, especially if they are large. A little metal object will also hurt the machine and cause the machine to malfunction, so these are also what we are entering

Special attention should be paid to magnetic fields.

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