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The three best scoop stretchers of 2022

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I. Summary

Stretchers were invented in practice by ancient working people. They are relatively simple and single. With the development of science and the progress of society, according to the situation of different patients and the position of patients, unique stretchers for various patients were invented through continuous research and improvement. Next, let's talk about shovel stretchers.

The scoop stretcher is composed of left and right two aluminium alloy plates. Unlike a regular stretcher, it can insert two vessels under the patient's body and lift it after buckling. The multifunctional scoop folding stretcher is a novel, convenient and efficient rescue stretcher integrating a folding stretcher, shovel stretcher, wheeled stretcher and ambulance stretcher bed.

II. Product features of scoop stretcher

The scoop stretcher belongs to a detachable rescue stretcher, which is mainly used for battlefield rescue and transfer of fractured and seriously injured patients; characterized by: two ends of the stretcher are provided with hinged clutch devices, which can separate the stretcher into left and right parts; without moving the patient, the patient is quickly placed in the stretcher and transported to the operating table or hospital bed, and then the stretcher is drawn out from under the patient's body. The length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to the patient's size.


III. Advantages of scoop stretcher

Easy to use and easy to master. The stretcher surface does not need to be removed from the whole body during patient handling, thereby saving the workforce, being safer, reducing complications in the handling process, and having various functions such as folding, separating, pushable, dripping, surgery, convenient X-ray irradiation, etc.

The scoop stretcher is convenient to carry and place, can quickly transfer the injured, quickly rescue, minimize the secondary injury caused to the patient during handling, and significantly improve the rescue efficiency. It is worth clinical promotion and use.

IV. Three best scoop stretchers

The scoop stretcher has clutch devices at both ends, which can be divided into left and right parts; the patient can be quickly shovelled without moving the patient to avoid secondary injury to the patient; the length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to the actual height of the patient, and it can be folded; it is mainly used in ambulances, hospitals and emergency centres.

Detachable design with clutch devices at both ends can split the stretcher into left and right parts and quickly scoop the patient in or pull the stretcher out from under the patient without moving the patient. The grooves at the head end are adjusted to keep the patient's spine aligned.

1. Retractable design: The length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to the person's size; there are 3 positions suitable for patients of any body type and height.

2. The product is equipped with a seat belt to ensure the patient's safety.

3. Scoop stretcher can be used with head guard.

4. The specifications and parameters of the three scoop stretcher are as follows:


Material: aluminium alloy

Model Number: DW-SC003

Size: 167*43*6cm,

Unfold 203*43*6cm,

Folded: 120*43*9cm

Advantages: Affordable, hot selling model


Material: PE plastic

Model Number: DW-SC004

Size: 162*44*7cm,

Folded: 120*45*9cm

Advantages: the patient's body temperature is not too cold or too hot compared to metal stretchers


Material: carbon fibre

Model Number: DW-SC006

X-ray transparency, CT nuclear magnetic resonance

Size: 167*43*6.7 cm,

Unfold: 205*43.7*6.7cm

Folded: 120*43*9cm

Advantages: low-temperature resistance, high-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, lightweight, long service life


V. Precautions for using DRAGON's scoop stretcher

1. Before using the scoop stretcher to carry the injured person, check the vital signs of the injured person and the injured part. According to the injury, check whether the injured person has any trauma to the head, spine and chest, especially the cervical spine.

2. Before handling, the injured must be prepared and adequately handled. First, the respiratory tract of the injured person must be kept open to avoid suffocation, and then stop bleeding, bandaging and fixing the wounded part of the injured person. After handling it, it can only be carried out.

3. Do not carry the injured person until the personnel, scoop stretcher, etc., are out of order. When handling overweight or unconscious wounded, careful consideration should be given to preventing accidents such as falls and falls.

4. During the handling process, observe the changes in the condition of the injured person at any time, pay attention to the breathing, mind, etc. of the wounded person etc., and keep warm, but do not wrap the head and face too tightly, so as not to affect breathing. In an emergency during handling, such as suffocation, respiratory arrest, convulsions, etc., stop handling immediately and carry out first aid treatment directly.

5. On particular sites, handling should be carried out according to unique methods. At the fire scene, the wounded should be bent over or prostrate forward in heavy smoke; at the site of toxic gas leakage, the porter should first cover his mouth and nose with a wet towel or use a gas mask to avoid being fumigated by the poison gas.

6. When carrying the injured person with spinal or spinal cord injury, the injured person should be placed flat on the rigid board spade stretcher. The body should be fixed with a triangle towel or other cloth band together with the stretcher, especially the cervical spine injury, sandbags, pillows, clothing, etc. must be placed on both sides of the head and neck to fix, limit the movement of the cervical spine in all directions, and then use triangular scarves, etc. Fix it, and then use a triangle towel, etc., for the whole body with a shovel. Stretchers are enclosed together.

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