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Technology changes the way of travel-electric wheelchairs

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With the continuous expansion of the market scale, user needs are constantly changing, and the types of electric wheelchairs are mostly novel in design, light-weight, and "one-key folding". The traditional push wheelchair must rely on human push and pull to move forward. If there is no one around, you have to push the roller by yourself. Electric wheelchairs are different, as long as they are fully charged, they can be easily operated without the need for family members to accompany them all the time.

The electric wheelchair is based on the traditional manual wheelchair, superimposed high-performance power drive device, intelligent operating device, battery and other components, transformed and upgraded. A new generation of intelligent wheelchairs equipped with artificially operated intelligent controllers that can drive the wheelchair to complete forward, backward, steering, standing, lying, and other functions. The ageing of Chinese society is fast, and the electric wheelchair market is developing rapidly. Nowadays, electric wheelchairs have become an indispensable means of transportation for the elderly and the disabled. Electric wheelchairs are suitable for a wide range of objects. As long as the user has a clear consciousness and normal cognitive ability, it can be used.

How to choose a wheelchair? First, when choosing an electric wheelchair, you should choose according to your height and weight. Second, choose electromagnetic brakes first. The advantage of electromagnetic brakes is that electric wheelchairs can automatically brake whether they are driving uphill or downhill, or even if the power is suddenly cut off during driving, to prevent injuries caused by landslides and brake failure. Maximum protection of users' safety. Third, it is best to choose a solid tire made of PU material for the wheels. The solid tire will not burst when the nail is pierced, and it will not affect the use after the nail is pulled out. The pattern of the tire is best to choose a rough pattern. The rough pattern has a large friction on the ground and is non-slip in rainy days.

The comfort and operational flexibility of electric wheelchairs are very easy for the elderly and the disabled to like it! For family care, it reduces part of the family's burden. It should be said that it is a very cheap thing! But the speed of the electric wheelchair is very fast, the braking ability is not enough to reach the safety test level, it can only move slowly on the flat ground. The safe use of electric wheelchairs must be at heart, and there must be safety awareness.

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