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Stainless Scoop Stretcher

This Aluminum alloy separable scoop style stretcher for EMS,military mainly used for hospitals, sports, ambulance and battle fields carrying patients and wounded person.
  • DW-SC001



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This product is also known as separation scoop stretcher, scoop stretcher, aluminum alloy scoop stretcher, etc.

  • Made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, foldable, detachable, and retractable.

  • Foldable design, portable and easy to stack, greatly reducing the space occupied, which is conducive to large-scale applications.

  •  Detachable design, using separate rigid structure, transfer fractures and seriously injured patients. Both ends are equipped with clutch devices, which can be separated into left and right parts. The side switches are easier to operate and provide better protection for the wounded. The scoop stretcher quickly scoops the patient in or pulls out the stretcher from under the patient without moving the patient.

  • Retractable design, the length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to the length of the person, a total of 3 gears. One end (foot) of the stretcher adopts a narrow frame structure. Suitable for patients of any size and height.

  • This scoop stretcher product is equipped with two safety straps to ensure the safety of patients during transportation.

Product parameters

Model DW-SC001
Product size 150*44*7cm
Foldaway 150*44*7cm
N.W. 7kg
Load limit 180kg
G.W. 9kg
Packing size 152*46*9cm
Material Aluminum Alloy

scoop stretcher


It's a seperatable-type scoop stretcher for ambulance to transfer fractured & serious patients.

The patient can be quickly & easily put in the stretcher and also the stretcher can be taken out from the back of patient without moving the patient.


High quality aluminum lloy material, separated rigid stretcher structure;

Adjust the length according to the situation to provide better protection for the wounded.

scoop stretcher


Factory direct sales

High-quality materials

Easy to use

Support customization

scoop stretcher


The frame body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is light and compressive;

Clutch device at both ends, and length adjustment device

scoop stretcher


1.Separation Method

Open upper button

Open lower button

Successful separation

2.Telescopic Folding

Spin down

Pull out the lever

Successfully folded

scoop stretcher


Designed for fracture patients

●Separate rigid structure is used to transter patients with fractures and serious injuries

●Without moving the patient, quickly shovel the patient in or out of the stretcher under the patient

●Narrow frame structure at one end (footstep) of stretcher

scoop stretcher

Aluminum Alloy Frame

High-strength aluminum alloy, light and durable, smooth surface and corrosion resistance.

scoop stretcher

Convenient Clutch Device

Clutch devices designed at both ends of the stretcher,

The stretcher can be divided into two parts.

scoop stretcher

Practical Adjustment Device

The design of the simple adjustment device can adjust the length and fold.

scoop stretcher

Curved handle design

The curved design of the handle makes it easier and easier to lift without lfting your hand.

advantage of the scoop stretcher

The scoop stretcher adopts a separate rigid structure and is mainly used for transporting fractured and seriously injured patients. Both ends of the stretcher are provided with clutch devices to separate the stretcher into left and right parts. Without moving the patient, scoop the patient in or withdraw the stretcher from under the patient.

The length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to the length of the patient. The length of the stretcher can be increased to 210cm or reduced to 170cm. The extended length of the head end is 44cm. One end (foot) of the stretcher adopts a narrow frame structure, and the extended width is 33cm, which is ergonomic principle. In addition, the stretcher is also equipped with two locking belts, which are stable when moving the wounded, saving time and effort.

  1. When the scoop stretcher is used for emergency transport, the clutch device of the stretcher is mainly used to shovel the patient into or pull out the stretcher from the patient without the patient moving the body.

  2. The time for each movement is (2.15±0.38 )min, each handling is shortened by 2.15-2.07min. The total handling time of a patient was (7.15±0.47)min, and the total handling time was shortened by 5.91-6.03min. In terms of personnel required for transportation.

  3. The number of personnel required for transportation is also reduced to 2, which reduces the skill requirements for transportation personnel, improves work efficiency and reduces work costs.

  4. By comparing the pain of patients who were transported by scoop stretcher and those who were transported by traditional methods, there was a statistically significant difference in the subjective perception of pain between the two groups of patients before and after using different transport methods.

  5. After the patient is shoveled into the stretcher, the patient is fixed on the stretcher with two locking straps, and the broken end of the fracture will not cause damage to the blood vessels and nerves on the section during the entire transport process.


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