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Motorized stair climbing wheelchair carriage intelligent up and down the stairs

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Although urbanization is progressing rapidly now, there are still many elderly people living in front of old residential areas. For various reasons, it is not convenient to go up and down the stairs. Some old people haven't gone down the stairs for several years? Now the stair-climbing wheelchair can solve the problem of these elderly people going up and down the stairs.

1、Motorized stair climbing chair stops while walking. Large load. The outstanding feature of the electric intelligent stair climber is mainly the large load, ranging from 170kg-220kg.

2、Comfortable operation. The control box of the Rui De Motorized stair climbing car adopts a battery-powered display, speed control button, height-adjustable handle, soft start, and power off the brake to make the operation more comfortable.

3. power box and control box separation technology. To solve the problem of difficult charging, the concept of separating the power box and control box was creatively proposed and became the industry standard. The independent power box is easy to load and unload, which greatly enhances the range of the stair climbing car.

Intelligent up and down stair wheelchair Motorized stair climbing car

Stair climbing tools developed specifically to solve the overload workload, based on the third generation, continue to optimize and improve the product, improve performance, make the product more practical, make the climbing car more practical and better.

More batteries, ordinary electric ladder truck battery, and control box as one, high cost of battery replacement, high temperature of the control system, resulting in short battery life, the newly upgraded electric ladder truck with power supply and control box split design. This utility model has the advantages of low cost, easy replacement, and long battery life.

The new upgrade of the baffle new upgraded Motorized stair climbing car adopts a new lengthened baffle, the baffle and carriage of the ordinary stair climbing car have been improved

Stair-climbing wheelchairs are through the electric, without the operator effort to get help students with mobility problems of the elderly can go up and down the stairs. Motorized stair climbing wheelchair mainly uses this electric motor can drive the track bite stair tread up and down the stairs. The control management system of the Motorized stair climbing wheelchair uses a kind of automatic brake function, when going up and down the stairs, the operator can stop and rest if we are tired of just releasing the control information button, and will not slip down.

Crawler type Motorized stair-climbing wheelchair

SomeMotorized stair climbing wheelchairs can not only climb stairs but can also travel on flat ground. You can switch between level walking and stair climbing functions. When walking on flat ground, you can walk like an ic motor after retracting the track. When you encounter stairs, you can put down the crawler and climb stairs like a small tank.

Interventional stair climbing Motorized wheelchair design is what we need students to operate by learning the assistance of others to achieve stair climbing action. The price level is generally around $4000-7000.

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