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More to know than to understand iv stand price

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I. Summary

The infusion stand is widely used in clinical treatment. It is strong support for keeping the liquid level of the medicine liquid and the patient's heart level at a certain height and promoting the entry of the medicine into the patient's body. At present, the infusion racks used in hospitals in China are simple in structure, single in function, and have little humanistic care. Although the style has been improved, it still cannot meet the needs of modern medical staff and patients.

Therefore, it is essential for the research and improvement of the infusion stand. Clinically used are floor-standing infusion stands, orbital infusion racks and bedside infusion racks. The floor-standing infusion rack is bulky and inconvenient to move; the orbital frame is limited to the track range, while the bedside infusion rack can only be used for specific hospital beds. However, lighter infusion racks such as hanging and bedside brackets gradually replaced the original vertical infusion stand.

The vast majority of patients hospitalized in hospitals need to be treated for a long time. At this time, the infusion stand needs to be used. The traditional infusion rack cannot move freely, the height of the infusion rack cannot be adjusted, and the infusion bottle will shake during the movement of the infusion stand, causing unnecessary trouble. The patient will have irritability after long-term infusion treatment and need to go outside activities to accelerate recovery of the body.

The traditional infusion stand does not allow the patient to rest well. In addition, the available movable infusion rack will not be able to carry out the infusion smoothly due to sliding and dumping, causing unnecessary trouble. To solve the above problems, DRAGON designed a multifunctional portable infusion stand.

Initially, the infusion racks were fixed infusion racks. Patients had to be supported and assisted by multiple family members to lift the infusion racks high when they got out of bed to carry out small-scale activities. The new mobile infusion stand has ABS pump trays and ABS handrails, brake pulleys and adjustable height, which can increase the patient's range of motion, reduce family support, and ensure the safety of patients when getting out of bed.


Ⅱ. Portable IV pole appearance

1. Includes fixing clip, telescopic pull rod and hanging blue hook.

2. The fixing clip consists of a fixing clip body, a fixing handle, a tightening screw and a movable clip.

3. The telescopic pull rod is composed of multiple sections, the height can be adjusted according to actual needs, and the joints are connected with sleeves and positioned by elastic tips.

4. The hanging blue hook adopts a lost hook structure, which is not afraid of swinging and tilting.

III. Introduction to portable iv pole

1. The portable iv pole is made of stainless steel; thickened steel has a good bearing capacity and does not rust, creating a convenient infusion stand for you to use.

2. Multi-hook design can hang multiple hanging bottles during infusion, and it is more convenient for various people to use one infusion stand.

3. Infusion holder height adjustment knob, freely adjust the appropriate height to make the design more user-friendly.

4. With silent universal wheelbase, with brake, wear-resistant and non-slip, more convenient to move.

5. Stainless steel extra-large pentagon base for added stability.

6. Easy to install, rotate and fix, easy to install in a few minutes.

7. Integrated precision design, comfortable hand feeling and beautiful appearance.

8. Portable iv pole parts are made of high-quality materials, eco-friendly, anti-bacterial and anti-ageing.


IV. Applications of portable iv pole

Most hospitals are patients with chest and intestinal surgery. They need to get out of bed as soon as possible after surgery to prevent complications such as lung infections and intestinal adhesions. Patients are generally older, have significantly decreased postoperative activity endurance, long infusion time, and more drainage tubes, and need multiple family members to assist in getting out of bed, resulting in patients being reluctant to get out of bed early, affecting disease recovery.

Since the use of portable iv poles, patients' confidence and safety in getting out of bed activities have been increased, family support has been reduced, and postoperative complications have been reduced. This multi-effective portable iv pole has won praise from patients and families, significantly improving nursing satisfaction and providing patients with better nursing services!

Don't look at the simple portable iv pole; it can do a lot!

Iv Stand 1

Before, there was a portable iv pole because the patient was weak after surgery and had to worry about the safety of infusion tubes and various drainage tubes; often, one patient needed support or help from two or three family members - supporting infusion bottles and carrying drainage bags respectively. The activity was highly inconvenient, affecting the patient's postoperative activity time and frequency. With less activity after surgery, it takes a long time to recover intestinal peristalsis.

Since having a portable iv pole, patients have been happy to get out of bed. Because they can easily hold the support handles specially designed for them during activities, saving on physical exertion and without too much family support. Some patients can also push the infusion stand alone with the armrest to go to the toilet. As a result, the patient's activity time increases and the recovery time of intestinal peristalsis are shortened.

This intimate infusion stand is manageable and flexible to operate, which reduces the burden on family members and reduces the number of accompanying guests and facilitates patient activities and facilitates patient recovery, which fully embodies DRAGON's supplier humanistic care. For iv stand prices, please call the company for consultation if necessary.

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