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Exhibition Name:MEDICA 2022

Time: 14th November -17th November

Booth: Hall 17 17A41-6



MEDICA, holding in the major producer and importer of medical devices Germany, is the world's leading medical trade show with its irreplaceable scale and influence.

As one of the leading medical suppliers in China, Dragon Medical will bring the latest technological achievements and the best-selling medical products in 2022 to the 54th MEDICA in Düsseldorf with you.

We will be present in Hall 17, Booth 17A41-6, from Nov 14th to Nov 17th, 2022.

MEDICA showcases products and services in the field of emergency rescue and rehabilitation, including a wide range of medical equipment and supplies.

Dragon Medical's exhibits include the most popular first aid products in 2022, such as tourniquets, Israeli bandages, chest seals, pneumothorax decompression needles, nasopharyngeal airways etc. There will also be outdoor products for the European winter season such as various camouflage training clothing, windproof and warm masks, gloves, socks, etc.

Looking forward to your visit to Medica and welcome consult Dragon Medical about the products you are interested in.

We'll try our best to become one of most reliance cooperation suppliers in emergency rescue and safety protection field, including spine board with head immobilizerfolding spine boardmedical carts for saleportable iv pole and electric dolly for stairs.

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