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Lets Talk about China IV Stand Price

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People eat grains and cereals, it is inevitable that there are times when they get sick, and nowadays, with advanced medical care, when you get sick, of course, you will go to the hospital for treatment. Most people are treated through intravenous infusions to reduce inflammation and cough, etc. Therefore, when there is a high incidence of some diseases, we will see a large number of people sitting in the infusion room are dripping or waiting for the drip. There are even some elderly people who do not have enough nutrients in the heat of the day and go for nutrient delivery by IV. So for hospitals, IV stand are an indispensable tool. So what are the different varieties of IV stand, what materials are they made of, and are the prices of IV stand on the market now high? Let's talk about it briefly today!

1. the price of IV stand depends on different varieties

1.1 children's IV stand price is higher

Children's illness often makes all parents very heartbroken. Especially when the fever does not go down, parents will take their children to the IV drip, but look at the child is very mobile, so in the past, only the parents can only hold the child's hand throughout the IV drip, and the previous IV stand are for adults, did not take the child's small into account, and now the IV stand have special can provide for children to use, such as in the children's hospital infusion room inside the There are a large number of stand that are specifically provided for children's IV infusion, and the price of these children's IV stand is slightly higher. Not only can they be adjusted up and down according to the size of the child, they can also be adjusted according to the length of the arm, and they can also have the function of fixing the child's arm, which greatly liberates the parents and the child.

1.2 the price of removable IV stand is relatively high

Most of the intravenous infusion is fixed directly on the seat, generally speaking, the left and right front and rear can be provided to four people for infusion use. But now there are also many are movable IV stand, these IV stand can be used one to one. The main function is that when some patients need to go to the bathroom, or when inpatients need to take a drip to the examination, they can move directly to their desired destination. Then the price of this kind of IV stand will be higher, in addition to the original structure, it also needs to have a wheel function underneath.

2. The price of IV stand depends on different materials and patents

2.1 The price of IV stand is slightly higher for high quality material

In fact, many of the IV stand used to be quite simple, and were made of wooden sticks, similar to coat hangers, to place the infusion. But because the loss of wood is relatively large, and the hospital because itself is the need for high-intensity sterilization, so the wooden loss will be particularly fast, now most of the use of stainless steel infusion rod, so that can be carried out for many years without changing, and can be for the role of corrosion to reduce the impact to a minimum. Therefore, the price of stainless steel IV stand is slightly higher.

2.2 Various patented IV stand are slightly more expensive

Even simple IV stand need to take into account the actual use of the patient's problems, and also the handling, installation and other problems. Previously, the IV stand were all integral, so handling often required a special height of the carrier to handle. But now many IV stand manufacturers have made more disassembly features, not only that, but also more perfect support devices for smooth infusion paths according to the length and height of the patient's infusion, so that the patient can avoid backflow of blood due to low height or poor infusion, so the price of these patented IV stand is slightly higher.

3. IV stand price increase reflects humanization

3.1 IV stand price control

In fact, nowadays, many hospitals, even some private hospitals, are quite attached to IV stand, and the price also varies greatly, some cheaper ones may be a hundred dollars, but some multi-functional ones need to be priced at several thousand dollars. Then you can buy in bulk by more than one to reduce the price of IV stand to some extent.

3.2 What does the higher price of IV stand reflect?

When the price of an item is getting higher, it directly means that the demand for that product is getting higher, and IV stand are one of them. The patient is already in pain, is it possible that the patient enjoys limited comfort in the process of treatment is also what many people are seeking now. From the previous single sitting straight to infusion, to now being able to lie down and be able to infuse according to their most comfortable angle and height is already an improvement. This is why the price of IV stand is getting higher and higher, especially for the many details that are now being improved to enhance the experience, with patented IV stand being a very good example.

Patients in the hospital are more concerned about their condition, the best treatment they can do, the best treatment effect, not the price of IV stand, but for the hospital or clinic, if you can use the best and most modern, the most humane IV stand, can provide more convenient services to patients of the equipment, so that is the real patient-oriented!

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