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How to use Examination Bed?

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The gynecological examination bed is also called the gynecological operating table. It is a medical equipment that provides various gynecological examinations, operations and family planning examinations for major hospitals, clinics, family planning stations, and mobile gynecological examination vehicles. The product can arbitrarily adjust various body positions of patients when they visit a doctor according to the actual situation. The curved design of the product focuses on humanization and comfort, and the seamless design of the bed surface is more conducive to cleaning and protection.

advanced examination bed from supplier

The power system of this series of products is driven by three power systems of full hydraulic, electric motor and manual operation. The main components are foreign brand products, with long shelf life, stable functions, low noise and easy operation.

Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effects of the present utility model are as follows: an arc-shaped groove is provided, and the medical staff or their family members hold the patient on the bed board, and the medical staff or their family members can easily draw out their arms from the arc-shaped grooves, and draw out the arms. Then start the electric telescopic arm so that the telescopic plate can seal the arc groove. The adjustment screw and the wire sleeve are used together, so that when examining the patient, the medical staff can complete the radiological examination of different parts of the patient only by shaking the handwheel. The structure is simple and easy to use, which can not only improve the examination efficiency of the medical staff , but also to avoid unnecessary trouble for the patient. It is equipped with a radiation detection device. During the inspection, place the radiation sensor near the detected part of the patient, and understand the radiation intensity through the display screen. If the radiation intensity is too high, the warning light will flash and alarm. The universal rod enables the lead shield to protect the patient's dangerous organs and prevent harm to the patient.

So how to use the examination bed, let me show you the secret:

1. Installation: Install the bed frame and mattress correctly, tighten the screws, check whether the segmented adjustment range of the bed table meets the requirements, and adjust the leg support to the appropriate height to lock;

advanced examination bed from supplier

Adjustment of the back panel: lift the back panel up and hear a click to fold up a gear, which can be adjusted to a suitable gear angle according to the inspection needs; when the back panel is to be flattened, push the back panel up to Put it down again at the end. Then put the mattresses on separately, check whether the whole bed is stable, and the installation is complete.

2. Use: The patient should go to bed from the side of the seat board, let the weight of the body first touch the seat board position, and then put the legs, backrest, etc. for inspection and treatment.

3. The dirt left on the bed body and mattress during inspection and treatment should be cleaned in time, dried and disinfected, and placed in a cool and dry place.


high-quality examination bed

1. Do not adjust the angle of each segmented plate when a patient is lying on the examination bed.

2. After each use, it is necessary to remove all sewage and dirt on the bed to keep the bed and accessories clean and prolong the service life.

4. It must be maintained and repaired once a year .

The gynecological examination bed is hydraulically raised and lowered by the foot, the back is controlled by the hand wheel, and the operation is flexible and convenient.

technical parameter

Length and width of bed surface: 1240mm×width 600mm

Bed height: 740mm ~ 1000mm

Front and back tilt angle of the bed: forward tilt ≥ 10°, backward tilt ≥ 25°

Backboard turning angle: upper fold ≥ 75°, lower fold ≥ 10°

Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

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