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How many types of examination beds are there?

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Searching for examination beds can be an overwhelming task. Due to the various clinical settings designed to treat different patients with different issues, there are multiple types of exam examination beds that correspond with each setting.

In efforts to simplify your search, here are the 10 types of examination beds:

1. Manual Examination Beds

Manual examination beds, also referred to as box examination beds, are your standard exam examination beds that focus on functionality, reliability, and practicality.

Manual examination beds also feature a headrest and adjustable footrest, and many come with extra storage within their cabinets and drawers. These examination beds typically feature a heavy-duty step to assist patients as they get onto the bed, which could be simple for some patients but demanding for others.

Depending on your clientele, manual examination beds could be a great choice, especially if you have a smaller space or work in a multi-practice clinic.

2. Power Examination Beds

Power examination beds, also known as high-low beds or electric beds, are the most popular types of examination beds. While manual examination beds have an adjustable headrest and backrest, they have fixed seating. Power examination beds, on the other hand, typically offer more adjustability ,therefore, they are available as an alternative to the more traditional manual option.

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Some power examination beds can lift or lower the entire bed, while others can adjust individual parts. Having the powered options reduces the energy, exertion, and time it takes to adjust the bed, and it keeps patients comfortable. These are great for practitioners who provide in-office procedures, but really, any doctor would benefit from a power examination bed. Its effortless convenience for handling patients, as well as its easy accessibility make these beds a solid choice.

3. Procedure Examination Beds

Procedure examination beds, also referred to as procedure chairs, are designed to comfortably assist medical professionals during minor procedures.

Prioritizing patient comfort and practitioner movability, most procedure chairs have an adjustable height feature, along with preset positions to ensure a hassle-free procedure performance.Some procedure examination beds also have pre-programmed positions that adjust the bed to the specific procedure that is being performed.

4. Treatment Examination Beds

Treatment examination beds include massage examination beds, therapy examination beds, h-brace examination beds, and traction examination beds. There are treatment examination beds with storage drawers underneath the seated area, but most are quite simple to easily perform the required functions for your facility.

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5. Bariatric Examination Beds

Bariatric examination beds are designed to provide additional patient support for those over 500 pounds. Built as heavy-duty structures, bariatric exam examination beds are strong and stable, and they make it easier for practitioners to transition, adjust, or lift overweight patients.

6. Pediatric Exam examination beds

If you work in a pediatric care facility, pediatric exam examination beds are exactly what you and your patients need. These examination beds are sized appropriately for children of various ages and are, therefore, smaller in size and taller in height.

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Pediatric exam examination beds truly keep patients in mind, as they’re designed with fun art and bright color options to help children feel at ease when visiting the doctor.

Most pediatric exam examination beds come with digital scales, among other features, to simplify the process of weighing young children, toddlers, and babies.

7. Operating Examination Beds

Operating examination beds also known as surgical examination beds, c-arm examination beds, or operation examination beds, are for patients to lie on during surgical procedures. While you can have a stationary operating table, mobile operating examination beds were designed with casters to conveniently move patients from room to room.

8. Imaging Examination Beds

Imaging examination beds are procedure examination beds specifically designed for imaging procedures like radiology, ultrasound, CT scans, MRIs, and even surgery. Imaging examination beds are available with a range of accessories, like a c-arm or specialized positioning for urology, surgery, or an ultrasound.

Having additional accessories helps to make these procedures even more comfortable and effective for both patients and healthcare professionals. To ensure easy use and durability, these examination beds are often constructed with carbon fiber top surfaces.

9. Tilt Examination Beds

Tilt examination beds allow for special tilt table tests to take place, which help doctors identify any unknown causes of syncope.If your work requires tilting patients to provide a diagnosis, tilt examination beds are the best for your practice.

10. Specialty Examination Beds

Specialty examination beds are exam examination beds that cater to the specific needs of specialty practices. For example, mat examination beds, like the Clinton Upholstered Mat Platform, are designed for athletic centers, massage therapy facilities, rehabilitation clinics, and more.

While there are 10 different types of exam tables, they were all designed for one unifying purpose: to maximize the ease of accessing patients for the comfortable treatment of patients.

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