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Emergency rescue scoop stretcher

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one. introduction

Earthquakes or other disasters are often accompanied by a certain number of casualties, and the transport and treatment of the wounded cannot be sloppy. If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first have a sharp tool. The rescue scoop stretcher can help rescuers quickly complete the transfer of the wounded. It is a piece of essential rescue equipment for fire rescuers to rescue trapped and injured people.

Today, I will show you the rescue scoop stretcher and the transport equipment used in the rescue process. Stretcher carts are the most commonly used means of transporting patients in hospitals. Generally, stretcher carts are four-wheeled. With the diversification of the medical market, emergency equipment is constantly being updated.


Two. Types and uses of rescue scoop stretchers

There are many types of rescue scoop stretchers with different names. Common ones are folding stretchers, multi-purpose stretchers, and hanging basket rescue stretchers.

(a) Folding scoop stretcher

The foldable rescue stretcher comprises a metal frame and an oxford leather surface (or canvas). It has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, and easy use. After unfolding, the wounded can lie on it, and straps protect the upper body, waist, and steps. Suitable for transporting and transferring personnel on general occasions.

(b) Multifunctional scoop stretcher

The multi-functional stretcher is small, extremely lightweight, and easy to carry. It can be rolled into a roll at ordinary times, lifted horizontally or vertically during use, and dragged on smooth ground. The wounded inside will not fall off. It is mainly used for high-altitude, Underground, confined spaces, and mountain rescue operations.

(c) basket stretcher stretcher

The basket stretcher is mainly used for air or sea rescue. Its frame is sturdy and durable, and its simple and reliable operation performance allows operators to take first aid measures safely and quickly. The hook suspension matched with the hanging basket rescue stretcher can be connected with the hook on the plane to realize field rescue.

Three. Classification of China scoop stretcher

Its structure, function, and material characteristics can be divided into simple stretchers, available stretchers, and ambulance stretchers.

1. Simple rescue scoop stretcher

A simple stretcher is a stretcher that is temporarily made from local materials when there are no stretchers or short stretchers. Generally, two sturdy bamboo poles are used with blankets, clothing, and other sturdy fabrics to make temporary stretchers to transport the wounded under the circumstances.

2. Universal rescue scoop stretcher

Universal (standard) stretcher mainly refers to the standard rescue scoop stretcher with uniform specifications, which guarantees that it can be used interchangeably between military services and different service departments. It does not emphasize appearance and focuses on practicality. The available stretcher consists of a stretcher bar, a stretcher surface, a stretcher foot, transverse support, and related accessories, and many countries have also formulated corresponding stretcher standards.

At present, the shapes of standard general stretchers include straight rods, two-fold and four-fold.

  • The straight bar stretcher is suitable for large ambulances and hospitals.

  • The two-fold stretcher is suitable for position rescue.

  • The four-fold stretcher is suitable for special forces.


Four.Features of available rescue scoop stretcher

  1.  The rescue scoop stretcher fabric mainly uses canvas. Because of its heavyweight and poor washability, chemical fiber fabrics, such as polyethylene or polypropylene materials, are now tending to be used. The advantages of this material are strong hydrophobicity, easy cleaning and disinfection, and lightweight.

  2. The stretcher bar is made of wood, and mahogany is the main material in China. There are two kinds of shapes: square tube and round tube. At present, most countries have adopted aluminum alloy materials.

  3. Outrigger one adopts a square structure. Existing aluminum alloy stretcher bars are welded or riveted. Welding is difficult for thin-walled aluminum alloys, but a good welding process can solve this problem; riveting does not have this problem, but it requires high material strength and metal potential.

  4. Steel cross braces: When the stretcher is unfolded, use the strength of your feet to open it. It is forbidden to use hand braces to prevent injury.

  5.  The wounded fixing belt 1 prevents the wounded from sliding during the transfer process and avoids secondary injury.

  6. Handle 1 There are currently three types of stretcher handles wooden, metal, and plastic. The plastic handle is light in weight, can be retracted, is especially suitable for transport vehicles with limited space, and meets the specified strength requirements.

  7. Fixation and shock absorption of the rescue scoop stretcher: It mainly refers to how to fix the stretcher with the transportation tool when it is transferred to various transportation tools and how to reduce the vibration of the wounded during transportation.

Five.The rescue principle of ambulance scoop stretcher

  • The lower part of the main body of the car body is equipped with a front and rear wheel retractable wheel frame system.

  • ambulance scoop stretcher front-wheel retractable wheel frame system consists of front wheel strut, front wheel and main board.

  • The rear retractable wheel frame system is composed of rear wheel strut, rear wheel connecting rod, rear wheel and mainboard.

Advantages of China ambulance scoop stretcher: It can realize the functions of height adjustment and automatic leg retraction of the ambulance stretcher, guardrail up and down, wheel rotation, and other parts, which can meet the needs of the wounded and the hospital. It can automatically retract the legs when getting into the car and adjust the height during the translation process, saving valuable time and ensuring the minimum number of occupants.

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