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Electric stair climbing car,Upstairs Artifact

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Electric stair climbing car is a new type of labor-saving carrying tool. It can not only reduce the burden of heavy object handling at work, but also improve work efficiency. Without the help of others, a stair-climbing trolley can easily complete the work of heavy objects going upstairs. It is a truly practical transportation and distribution equipment.

With China's economic development, the urgent need to improve logistics efficiency and reduce labor costs, Electric stair climbing cars will increasingly appear in the logistics and distribution industry dominated by traditional manual handling. It has been widely used in many fields. But have you heard about the development history of electric stair climbing vehicles? Let's take a look at how China's electric stair climbing car has developed into localization!


Development of the Electric stair climbing car

In 1982, the Germans invented the first practical electric stair climbing car and applied for an invention patent. Electric stair climbing car first appeared in Europe. After the 1990s, due to the rapid development of China's electric stair climbing car market, some domestic companies began to want to introduce foreign well-known electric stair climbing cars and sell them on behalf of others, but at that time, because the products were too expensive, they have not been popularized in the Chinese market.

As a professional manufacturer in the machinery industry, China DRAGON has been pursuing the production of professional brands and facing all challenges with an innovative attitude. Therefore, he entered the field of electric stair climbing vehicles, determined to manufacture China's own electric stair climbing vehicles, and successively launched his own electric stair climbing vehicles.

Principle of electric stair climber

The Electric stair climbing car is divided into two parts: the control part and the body part.

  • The main function of the control part is to control the motor movement of each part of the car body, including the forward and reverse rotation of the front and rear gears, and the forward and reverse rotation of the front and rear wheels.

  • The important part of the car body is the climbing mechanism. The climbing mechanism adopts two sets of rack and pinion mechanisms, each of which is located at the front and rear.

The specific principle of climbing stairs is as follows: when you start to climb the stairs, the front gear rotates forward. Lift the front gear together with the front wheel, and when the front wheel rises to a step height, the rear wheel rotates and the front wheel is placed on the previous step. Then the rear wheel stops rotating, the front gear is reversed, and the rear gear is rotated forward, so that the middle of the body can be lifted. At this time, the front and rear wheels move forward at the same time, so that the middle of the car also falls to the upper step, and then reverse the rear gear and lift the rear wheel. Level up with the front wheel and move on. In this way, the car went up a step smoothly. In this way, the cycle has been repeated, so that the trolley can successfully climb the stairs.

Compared with other cars that can go up stairs, it has the following advantages:

  1. The design principle is intuitive.

  2. Electric stair climbing car has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture.

  3. Stairs with variable height can be climbed.

  4. The whole climbing process can keep the body moving safely and smoothly.

  5. According to the principle of ascending, it is also possible to move down the steps.

How to choose an Electric stair climbing car

1. The material structure of the product

  • Material: On the market, the most used materials for Electric stair climbing car are carbon steel and aluminum alloy. The carbon steel material is economical and can achieve high-strength rigidity, making the machine more durable; the aluminum alloy material is lighter and easier to carry, and its material strength is equally strong and durable.

  • Battery: Lithium batteries are recommended for the stair climbing machine. Lithium batteries have high cost, strong energy density and relatively light weight, which can better control the weight of the entire machine (lead-acid batteries are about 4-5 times heavier than lithium batteries) , which can greatly reduce the labor force generated by carrying.

  • Protection level: In our daily distribution process, we will inevitably encounter bad weather and environment. The Electric stair climbing car must provide a safe operation design, and have corresponding protection measures such as waterproof and dustproof. It can effectively avoid water splashing and dusty situations in life, and prevent the machine from malfunctioning during operation.

  • Tires: Solid tires are wear-resistant and puncture-resistant, and are more suitable for use in harsh environments; pneumatic tires have better shock resistance. In the process of handling heavy objects such as household appliances and fragile goods, pneumatic tires can better buffer and reduce damage to goods.


2. Ease of operation

The key to using an Electric stair climbing car is the operation skills. A good stair climbing machine should be easy to learn and able to master the operation quickly.

  • Safety: In addition to skilled operation skills, the machine operation switch adopts a touch-type design. Press it to move, and release it to stop. The touch-type design can effectively avoid accidents during distribution and handling.

  • Stair climbing speed: blindly pursuing speed without considering the safety of operators and items is wrong. It is recommended to have two speeds, one fast and one slow. The slow gear setting is usually used for beginners to practice. After you are proficient, you can choose the fast file to improve work efficiency.

  • Noise: When the stair climber is operating, most of the noise comes from the motor. In order to better control the noise, the selection of the motor is also a knowledge. It is recommended to use a DC brushless motor. Reasonable control is below 70 decibels.

3. The core technology of the product

For electric equipment such as Electric stair climbing car, the core technology is like the human brain. The control system of the heavy object climbing operation must be stable, low failure rate, and durable. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose an experienced R&D team who can provide strong support for our core technology.

4. Fast after-sale service

The quality and function of the product itself must be considered when purchasing an electric load stair climber, but after-sales service is also very important. Choosing a company with strength and brand protection can solve your worries.

Based on the above points, the Electric stair climbing car developed by China DRAGON can solve almost all the working conditions of heavy objects going up and downstairs. Such as home appliances, water, meals, gas bottles, building materials, etc. As a supplier, DRAGON has many years of experience in R&D, manufacturing and production of stair climbing machines. And continuously update the product according to customer needs and feedback. If there is a problem with the machine, don't worry, the professional after-sales team of the stair climbing machine can solve all the problems for you.

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