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A new generation of electric dolly for stairs

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In today's society in China, with the intensification of aging, there are many old communities in many cities, and it is very difficult for the elderly and the disabled to go up and down the stairs. Different from the new ones, the old communities are mostly not equipped with elevator equipment. The elderly living on the first floor will not be too troubled, but it is very inconvenient for the elderly and disabled people living on the upper floors to go downstairs. Especially for the disabled in wheelchairs, the elderly with inconvenient legs, and the disabled elderly, it is even more difficult.

In response to this situation, there are currently a variety of solutions. Urban planning is trying to install elevators in old buildings. Still, elevator renovations for old buildings are affected by the environment, space, ownership, costs, neighborhood relations, etc., and the cost of installing elevators. Due to various constraints such as high cost, there is no way to comprehensively spread and transform.


 What is an electric dolly for stairs?

Electric dolly for stairs is a barrier-free facility that can be used as an alternative to an elevator, helping porters and other people to easily carry heavy loads up the stairs, and eliminating the need for spinal and possible physical damage to the porters. More importantly, it can enable people with limited mobility to get out of their homes and integrate into society. . The electric dolly for stairs is easy to operate, electrically controlled, with safety measures such as automatic braking, and does not occupy space in the corridor. It can be stored when not in use, which is very convenient.

Types of electric dolly for stairs

1. Crawler-type electric stair climber

2. Stepping electric stair climbing machine

3. Curved seat stair climber

4. Linear seat stair climber

5. Wheeled electric stair climber

Different products can be selected to meet the needs of the disabled and the elderly according to the use environment and economic affordability.

Track-type seat elevators are divided into curved and straight, suitable for different stairs. The independent installation track does not need to be installed on the wall and can be folded when not in use, only occupying about 30 cm of space. The electric stair climbing machine is not only for the disabled, but the elderly with inconvenient mobility have gradually become the main use and service objects of the electric stair climbing machine.

How to operate an electric dolly for stairs?

1. Preparing posture before going upstairs with an electric dolly for stairs

  • Armrest adjustment: By adjusting the angle and length of the handrail of the electric stair climbing machine, it can adapt to different cargo centers of gravity and the height of other operators so that the operator can be in a labor-saving state during the operation of the electric stair climbing machine.

  • Body upright: Lean forward slightly, press and move the machine with both hands to stabilize the device, and go up and down the stairs according to the machine's rhythm during the operation.

2. Electric stair climbing machine upstairs operation

  • Correct and standardized upstairs posture, the distance between the electric stair climber and the person is 3 steps.

  • During operation, press the handrail to resist the eversion force of the machine during the process of climbing the stairs and keep the balance between the stair climbing machine and the cargo.

3. Electric stair climbing machine goes downstairs

  • If you are using a stair climber with brake assist: please turn on the brake switch before going downstairs so that the brakes will automatically stop on every next step to ensure safety. Just push to the edge of the stairs when going downstairs.

  • If it is a stair climber without brakes: Note that you need to find the downstairs point before going down each step to ensure safety.

Precautions for using China electric dolly for stairs

  1. The operator must be trained before using electric dolly for stairs.

  2.  Before using electric dolly for stairs, make sure that the use environment is suitable (such as the inclination of the stairs, whether the stairs are slippery, whether the stairs are free of obstacles, etc.) and that the power is sufficient.

  3. The operation of the electric stair climbing machine should be completed by two people as far as possible.

  4.  The electromechanical equipment of the electric stair climbing machine should be regularly maintained and charged.

  5. Don't panic if there is a problem; call the staff to get in touch.


DRAGON electric dolly for stairs supplier is engaged in the research, sales, rental, maintenance, and service of barrier-free products such as electric stair-climbing car stair-climbing machines and barrier-free corridor elevators. Wheelchairs and other styles.

With the development of society, the barrier-free travel needs of some groups such as the disabled and the elderly are becoming more and more urgent. DRAGON electric dolly for stairs manufacturer is committed to solving the problem of barrier-free travel for these groups of people, serving the elderly and the disabled. So that they can go up and down the stairs as freely as ordinary people to live and work normally, and help them easily overcome obstacles such as climbing stairs and ramps. 

DRAGON electric dolly for stairs supplier has many years of practice and exploration, and the accumulated rich experience can customize your solution according to your actual needs

With a new generation of electric dolly for stairs, with it, parents can often go out for a walk, breathe fresh air, enjoy the beautiful sunshine, and enrich their old age.

We'll try our best to become one of most reliance cooperation suppliers in emergency rescue and safety protection field, including spine board with head immobilizerfolding spine boardmedical carts for saleportable iv pole and electric dolly for stairs.

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