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3 best examination bed in 2022

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The examination beds are divided into general examination beds and gynaecological examination beds. The gynaecological examination bed is also known as a gynaecological operating table. It is an auxiliary medical equipment for hospitals, clinics, birth control stations and mobile gynaecological examination vans for various gynaecological examinations, diagnostic procedures and family planning examinations. The series of products can be adjusted to the actual situation in various positions of the patient during the consultation.

We will present three different models.

The First Model:

56378371afc4add5b61676a5f87696fexamination bed

This product has a crossbar between headboard and footboard.

It is Stainless steel frame, foot with anti-noise rubber and back rest. It can be operated by gas-spring. High quantity sponge top with artificial leather cover (thickness: 3cm)

The design of this product focuses on humanization and comfort. The seamless design of the bed surface is more conducive to the cleaning of equipment and the cleaning and protection of medical staff.

The Second Model:

China examination bed supplier

The table consists of three parts, the headrest, the seating position and the removable foot section, which folds 90° when the foot extension is not in use.

Underneath the seating section of the table there is a waste collection tray that complies with hygiene standards.

The table has a retractable heel support system, this support section can be tilted to the left or right and when not in use it can be folded and concealed within the body of the table.

The leg extensions of the table can be removed and fixed and when not in use, they can be lowered with one simple movement.

The movement of the table up and down, back and seat is carried out by means of an electric motor which is placed in a system that does not distort the image.

The electric motor is operated by hand control or there is an option to make this system foot controlled.

The table has the capacity to carry patients of up to 120-160 kg without vibration.

The table has a towel suspension at the back which can be easily attached and removed if necessary.

The rising and lowering measures in the up-and-down movement of the table do not prevent the patient from reaching the table easily.

The Third Model:

high-quality examination bed

Product introduction:

The total length of the table is 1800mm and the width is 550mm (20mm).

The minimum height of bed surface is 500mm, and the maximum height of bed surface is 1200mm.

Height adjustment range: 300 mm

Maximum load: 200kg

The bed surface is divided into 4 parts: head section, back section, hip section and auxiliary table. It has a pull-out hidden auxiliary table, which is easy to operate. The two sides of the bed are equipped with large arc armrests that can be opened to facilitate the patient's position adjustment. The foam sponge shell is soft and comfortable. The height and distance adjustable foot rest can be adjusted to the comfortable position according to the needs of patients and doctors. The table is equipped with a hand-held operating system to ensure trouble free operation. It can realize accurate linear movement, and the waterproof cap design can prevent sewage, dirt and static electricity, and make it use and move freely for years. All stainless steel shield, advanced spray plastic bed and column structure, easy to clean, anti pollution, seamless mattress, easy to clean, corrosion resistant, not easy to damage, antibacterial, anti-static, can effectively prevent patients from


A hidden sewage basin is arranged under the bed body, which can be easily pulled out or retracted, and is convenient for treating sewage and sundries

This product is used for parturient or general obstetric operation. It is especially suitable for the

examination and diagnosis of various instruments and microscopes in obstetrics and Gynecology

and urology.

This examination bed belongs to the field of medical equipment, its structure includes bed board, frame and bed leg, the bed board is set on the frame, said bed board includes back board and main board, the back board and main board are hinged to each other, said main board is installed on the frame on both sides of handrail, handrail side of the frame is installed on each side of the liftable leg support frame; the lower surface of the frame is installed on the guide slide, the guide slide is installed in its sliding connection The lower surface of the shelf body is installed with a guide rail, and a positioning seat is installed in the guide rail, and a footrest is installed below the positioning seat. Compared with the existing technology, the utility model has the features of reasonable design, simple structure, convenient use and good use effect.


  1. Do not adjust the angle of each segmental plate while a patient is lying on the examination bed.

  2. Remove all sewage from the bed after each use to keep the bed and accessories tidy and to prolong service life.

  3. The examination bed must be serviced once a year

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