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3 best basket stretcher in 2021

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Speaking of stretchers, we all know that whether it is a family war or a natural disaster a tool we all use when we do harm. It's hard for us without a stretcher to let the patient get proper treatment.

Stretchers are also divided into many according to the situation of patients. Now let's introduce the 3 models basket stretcher ----integrate, separate, and Stainless Steel Basket Stretcher.

The basket stretcher is designed for air-sea rescue operations to rescue injured persons from locations where the altitude is high, from water or complex terrains. With an adjustable feet-securing mechanism, safety belts, a mattress, and a special sling device, it is ideal for lifting and transport by helicopter. It can be broken into two halves which can be back-packed to the point of rescue and assembled in seconds.

Basket stretcher features :

  1. The structure of this stretcher focuses on the particularity of first aid, such as rugged mountains and air or maritime rescue.

  2. The frame is firm and durable, and the simple and reliable device enables the operator to operate safely and quickly.Take first aid measures if necessary.

  3. The hanging hook can be linked with the hook on the aircraft to realize field rescue, and the stretcher is equipped with a safety full belt and cushion.

  4. It is made of stainless steel pipe and net, which will not cause additional damage to patients, which is more than ordinary

  5. The stretcher is more firm and can be used together with the plate stretcher.

  6. It can be divided into two parts, easy to transport and store.

Parameters of Basket Stretcher :

Model : Integrate basket stretcher--DW-BS002

Size :218*62*18cm

G.W/ :20KG

Max loading capacity :300kg

Packing : 1pc /carton

Packing size :223*67*19cm

Integrate basket stretcher--DW-BS002

Model :Separate basket stretcher--DW-BS003

Unfold size :218*64*18cm

Folding size :123*64*22cm


Max loading capacity :300kg

Packing :1pc/carton

Packing size :125*67*24cm

Separate basket stretcher--DW-BS003

Model: Stainless Steel basket stretcher--DW-BS001


Size :219*69*19cm


Max loading capacity :300kg

Packing 1pc/carton

Packing size :125*71*22cm

Stainless Steel basket stretcher--DW-BS001

The way most places do it now is by using a basket stretcher. This is just what it sounds like its kind of like a backboard only it is more of a basket in the way that it has walls that surround the patient preventing them from falling off. At minimum two guys but sometimes four, sometimes six it depends on the patient's weight, they then carry the stretcher to the ambulance.

Building a new stretcher to be used instead of a basket stretcher isn’t going to work really well for a couple of reasons. Now when I thought about how I would do this I began to think about the stretcher I use. Going over speed bumps and potholes with a patient on board is a big no-no.

The reason is that when you are wheeling a patient to or from the truck, all of the weight is being held up high above the ground on four small wheels. That creates a problem when one wheel is lower than the others, the weight shifts to that wheel and that side of the stretcher and you then end up with a patient on the ground.

So I imagine using a track system would work, kind of like the tracks on a tank. It would be difficult to move though, so the stretcher would have to be able to move the tracks electronically. That adds more weight to an already heavy stretcher. Then you have to have even more weight at the bottom of the stretcher because of the rough terrain, even with tracks the weight up top can go one way or another, so you need to balance it.

Overall I would say that the basket stretcher is the best thing, it can be towed up a hill, it can be carried by some big guys, it holds the patient securely, and as long as no one trips or loses their grip then the patient will be fine.

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